5 Design Tips to Make Small Rooms More Spacious

Living in a small space can have its challenges, the greatest challenge being how to make the space look and feel larger. Without a proper design, a small room can feel unwelcoming and confining. Whether you are living in a small studio apartment or you simply wish the living room or bathroom in your home had more square footage, the good news is you can make the space feel larger. With a few tricks and tips, you can use things such as colour and lighting to achieve just that.

Wall Colour

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to small spaces is to stay away from dark colours. Dark wall colours will block the light, making the room feel smaller than it already is. If you have your heart set on bright colours, choose them sparingly and not on the walls. Pastel shades will work the best and the light colour helps light to reflect off the walls, which in turn makes the room feel larger.

Minimal Accessories and Clutter

It is best to keep accessories to a minimum, be simple and coordinated. If there is too much going on it can make a small room feel even smaller. Store as much as you can in cupboards and draws and only display what is necessary or appealing. For example, if your coffee table is currently crowed with papers and ornaments, tone it down to a small stack of magazines.

Wall Lights

Small spaces need a lot of light. Although natural light is the best way to make an area feel larger, there are lighting fixtures that can also help you to achieve the same open feeling. Wall lights are ideal for helping the ceiling look higher. Consider your options for wall lights and choose a style that fits the room, placing them in the corners can project vertical light beams, making the walls feel lighter and the ceiling higher. A standing floor light will also help to bounce light onto the ceiling and walls, making the room feel brighter and more open.

If there is a window or two, use blinds instead of heavy curtains to allow the light in.

Create a Reflection

Hang large mirrors, opposite from windows when possible, to reflect light. Mirrors can also be used on closet doors to help a bedroom feel larger and more open. When mirrors are used correctly the light (whether natural or artificial) will bounce off of the mirror and make the room feel more open and larger. Stained glass on cupboard doors will work in the same way as a mirror and will allow light to bounce off, giving the room a cosy yet open look.

Clear Glass

Pieces of glass furniture will allow light to pass through the glass and will visibly increase the feeling of more space. Glass can also be used in wall shelves or cabinet doors to help improve the light as well as a clean, open feeling.

One of the first things to do when trying to make a small space feel larger is to remove all of the clutter. The flooring can also have an impact on how the space feels. For example, carpeting will make the room feel closed in, while wood or a solid coloured tile floor can help the room to feel less cluttered, cleaner and more open.

Take advantage of the space you have and try using some of the above design tips to create the feeling of a more spacious room.

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