Me & Mine - November

This months Me & Mine photos were taken on holiday in the Dominican Republic seeing as we spent half of the month there. We've been back just over a week now and had a fantastic time despite the weather. I will share some posts when I get round to uploading all of the photos from my phone as I didn't use my Canon much at all over the two weeks. It was so nice to have a break, not having to worry about work deadlines, early morning school runs or having to cook. But of course it's nice being home and being able to get in the festive spirit. 

We put our tree up at the weekend and I've finished my Christmas shopping. December is looking to be a busy month for us with lots of school activities, santa trips and other festive activities planned. I am so excited! How is it December tomorrow? It only feels like I packed away last years decorations a couple of months ago! This year sure how flown by hasn't it!

Mummy is loving

Getting ready for Christmas 
Watching The Walking Dead 
Getting my nails done 
Getting out more and meeting up with friends 
Her marble iPhone case 
Wrapping presents 
Drinking baileys 

Amelia is loving 

Swimming on holiday
Watching Youtube videos
Putting the Christmas tree up
Being back home and seeing daddy 
Playing with mummy's make up 
Counting money
Practicing for the school concert

Harry is loving 

Eating cookies
Building sandcastles
Playing with his big sister
Pulling all of the decorations off the tree
Going for walks with mummy 
Saying "Ola" to everyone 
Playing with his cars

Here are some more photos of the kids and I on holiday. They were all taken on my phone so not the best quality but I'm glad I have some photos of us all. 

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  1. It looks like you had such a lovely break - gorgeous photos x


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