Making The Imaginary Come To Life - Imaginary Fred

Amelia has always been into role play and playing with her dolls around the house. Taking them to the shops, dressing them up, feeding and changing them and talking to them constantly. However more recently she has started to make up friends. I often find her chatting away in her room to "Rosie" or catch her saying something which I thought she was asking me for. It's great to see that she uses her imagination but I do sometimes wonder what goes on it that pretty little head of hers.

Rosie her imaginary friend is around occasionally, she's often sat at the dinner table, in the car when we are out and about or has sleepovers with her and even though she does have plenty of friends at school, Amelia doesn't really see many of them out of school other than at parties so it's nice that she can use her imagination to create a friendship even if it isn't real.

Now that Harry is getting older and speaking more I find them having lots of conversations together as they can understand each other better now. So perhaps as he gets older Rosie will become non existent. Who knows?

We were recently sent the book Imaginary Fred illustrated and written by two of the UK's best loved children's authors Oliver Jeffers and Eoin Colfer. We have many of Oliver Jeffer's children's books on our bookshelves already as Amelia has always been a huge fan of the books so I was pleased when this book arrived to see it was illustrated to his style. The collaboration between the two is beautifuly captured. 

It's a great insight into what friendship is and what it's all about and how imaginary friends exist all around us. How a child makes and loses friends and will really get your little ones thinking. It is a lovely read, and even brought a little tear to my eye, it really is a sweet story of friendship. Full of lovely illustrations and lots of subtle humour. 

I do think that this is quite a long book for younger children especially if they don't like to sit still for very long but it would be perfect for ages 6+ who would be able to appreciate it a little better or perfect for daytime reading instead. Amelia is 4 now and likes the images but most of it went above her head. We tend to read half of the book one evening before bed and the rest the following as it can be quite long before bed. 

This is a book to be enjoyed by children and even adults. 

You can purchase the book from Amazon and it would make a lovely gift this Christmas.

Do your children have imaginary friends?

* This post is in collaboration with Harper Collins

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  1. This sounds like a lovely book, thanks very much for the review and recommendation.


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