Holiday Essentials When Travelling With Kids

We go on holiday at the end of this week and there's so much to remember to pack, from stuff for yourself, your partner and the kids. Where on earth do you start? I like to be organised and pack well in advance to ensure I don't forget anything but I always seem to be adding things to the list! 

Here are our holiday essentials when travelling with kids:

1. Trunki Snoozihead - Kids like to snuggle up with a blanket either on the plane or in bed. The Trunki Snoozihead is perfect because it doubles as a blanket and a pillow for the car journey and then whilst on the plane if they wish to sleep. They come in lots of fun designs too!

2. Konfidence Swim Jacket - Great for introducing children to the water. This swim jacket provides thermal and sun protection. All of Konfidence jackets have bright yellow back which provides high visibility for parents when at the beach or pool. As your child grows more confident in the water you can remove some of the floats. 

3. Headphone Splitter - If you only have one iPad or tablet then a headphone splitter is great to avoid arguments between the kids. Can come in handy when in the car, on the plane or at the resort when you want them to have a little quiet time. 

4. Travel Magic Sketcher - I've always taken these mini travel magic sketchers everywhere we go. They're great for keeping the kids entertained and fit perfectly in a changing bag or kids backpack. 

5. Usb Fan - For those moments where the heat gets unbearable having a fan can come in handy. However sometimes they can take up too much room in your luggage, this mini usb fan is perfect for fitting in your hand luggage and you simply plug it into your phone. It's not super powerful but definitely helps when the kids are feeling hot and bothered.

6. Towel Poncho - A necessary when on a beach holiday, these ponchos are perfect for throwing over the kids once they get out of the pool or at the beach for changing or walking back to the room.

7. Snacks - I always ensure that I pack plenty of snacks for the kids when we go away. Although we're going to be at an all inclusive resort with copious amounts of food at hand both of my kids are super fussy so snacks always some in handy in between meals and also on the plane.

8. Kids First Aid Kit - It's a good idea to take some sort of medication with you for the kids, a first aid kit would come in handy but if not then just put a few sachets of Calpol, some paracetamol, diarrhoea tablets and some plasters in a zip lock bag. Kids can get upset tummy's or become ill really quickly so you never know when you may need them.

9. Insect Repellent - I found these spray tubes really useful when travelling as they're small enough to fit in your handbag or beach bag for the day and are also small enough to carry on board in your hand luggage. 

10. Insect Bands - Sometimes it can be hard to remember to keep applying insect repellent to keep those mosquitos at bay especially when you're busy having fun all day. These insect bands are great for all the family and emits natural aroma which is effective to keep mosquitoes away.

11. Non-Spill Cup - If your child is anything like my son who finds it funny to tip his juice bottle upside down then a non-spill cup is an essential item for holiday and travelling with kids. This Munchkin one is one of the best that I've found, and doesn't leak like some of the others do if dropped on the floor. 

What are your holiday essentials? Do you have any others to share? 

Stock up for your next holiday...


  1. I am literally counting down to our winter sun vacation to Zanzibar and am currently working on my ultimate packing guide as a follow up to my hand luggage essentials http://www.whiitelist.com/2016/09/21-things-to-pack-in-babys-hand-luggage.html travelling with children isn't easy! Thank you for the ideas.

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