Powerful Tips For Getting Fit After Giving Birth

Caught yourself admitting your pre-birth pictures and wishing you still had just the same fabulous body? Do you want to know a few celebrity secrets for getting back into pre-birth shape? Right Path Fitness trainers are spilling some of those secrets today:

Re-Adjust Your Diet

When you were pregnant, you could spoil yourself with pretty much any treat. Now, you’d better watch your foods more carefully. The following nutrients will help you improve your metabolic rate and consume just the right amount of calories:

● Salmon delivers healthy fats to your body and even your baby’s body through breast milk. DHA (plentiful in salmon) helps to develop your baby’s nervous system.

● Lean beef is nutrient and full of iron. It leaves you “full”, boosts your energy levels, but does not result into fat gain.

● Brown rice is one of the healthy whole-grain carbs that deliver your body enough energy and calories.

● Oranges and blueberries are excellent snacks that will give your body plenty of vitamins and minerals w/o much additional sugar.

Train The Abdominal Muscles

Getting rid of post-pregnancy belly fat is the hardest. But the following exercises are true lifesavers:

● Pelvic Tilt and Kneeling Pelvic Tilt can be done as early as 1-week after the delivery. It helps you tone your belly and relieve back pain at the same time.

● Kegels help you tone your bladder and low abdominal muscles. Try scheduling a 10-minute session three times a day.

● Rock-a-baby squats and curls are perfect to get both of you occupied when your little one gets at least 10-12 weeks old. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Hold your baby close to your chest and squat down. The baby’s feet should gently touch the floor. As you rise, bring the baby closer to your chest. Do 15 reps.

Are you looking to get back in shape after giving birth? If you have any questions why not contact a Personal Trainer

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