6 Ways to Add Instant Style to Any Home Space

Everyone has walked into a home and been in awe of how every possible space has been used to project the owner's individual style. The colours, texture, and lighting all combine perfectly to produce an impressive glow of unique character. Many people wonder just how they can use the spaces in their home with the same effectiveness. Ultimately, there are some essential tips that everyone should consider when taking an empty home space to a stylish addition.

1. Lighting

First, consider the lighting in the home. The absence of lighting can determine which styles in the room come to the forefront. Poor lighting can cause shadows and glares that cast a home in a poor light, or stress the eyes of the audience. Good lighting can produce a positive glow off the colours and textures on the walls, ceiling, and furniture. When it comes to lighting, purchasing chandeliers for your room is the perfect way to cast an even light across the room. Hanging from the ceiling, they evenly distribute light across the living space and bring the most important parts of the room to the forefront. Not only do they have a great impact on the lighting, but chandeliers are also one of the most stylish and luxurious fittings you could have.

2. Wall Decor

Next, one of the most commonly neglected spaces in a room is the walls. People focus on open room spaces, but the walls present massive opportunity. The walls can be changed based on the season and recycled with fresh and flashy colours. For example, during summer, consider a soft yellow or light blue to reflect the season. Walls can even be textured with fresh baffles that minimise noise while adding a personal touch. Consider using the walls to add to a living space.

3. Fabrics 

In addition, consider changing the fabrics in a room. Heavy curtains and uncomfortable throw pillows represent an old style. Many homes are now opting for an open weave for curtains that bring a more welcoming feel to the room. Light fabrics on the floors and on pillows are easier to maintain and represent a more modern style. Consider trading in the traditional fabrics for something a little lighter.

4. Utilise Every Room

One room that gets neglected in almost every household is the garage. Many people don't even use their garages for cars anymore. Whether this is by choice or due to a large amount of clutter, consider recycling this space for a home gym or even a personal movie theatre. Placing a big screen TV or a surround sound system in this formerly cluttered and dirty space will leave everyone impressed. For anyone looking to improve their athleticism, some modular flooring and home gym equipment makes it easy to stay in shape will - saving money on a gym membership. The garage has significant opportunities for improving any style.

5. Find the Space

Consider smaller open spaces as a personal nook. For anyone with kids who struggle studying in the living room and get distracted by their bedroom, purchase a small desk and place it in a corner. If there is a window present, this is even better. Make sure that every space is used by creating a study nook for the kids or the parents in that unused corner. A small desk with some sunshine adds some instant style to any home.

6. Don’t Overcrowd

One issue with many rooms is that they become easily overcrowded with unnecessary clutter. Whether it’s accidental or intentional, it diverts attention away from other aspects of the space. Ensure that all table tops and surfaces are thoughtfully organised with the right ornaments and tidy the room regularly. Minimalism and simplicity are key.

Getting your home closer to perfection takes time, thought and sometimes expenditure – but the end result will keep you content.

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