The Me & Mine Project | August

I'm so glad that I made the decision to join in with the Me and Mine project a few months ago, I only wish I had joined in sooner so I had more photos of me with my babies! It's crazy to think that the holidays are nearly over and Amelia will be back at school on Monday after seven weeks off. This month has been a lot busier than last month as I wanted to make sure we made the most of the days we had together before school started as she'll now be going full days instead of a couple of hours each day.

This month Mummy is loving...

Blogging again 
Watching Ex On The Beach 
Getting my big camera out more often
Treating myself to some beauty treatments
Drinking Coca Cola instead of Dr Pepper
Reading The Girl On The Train
Spending more time with both of the kids
Seeing my best friend Kim

Amelia is loving... 

Role playing
Her new headphones for the iPad
Cuddling Harry 
Eating new foods
Her new shoes 
Taking selfies 
Going swimming 

Harry is loving...

Having lots of lie-ins 
Playing with dinosaurs
Watching Raa Raa the noisy lion
His new diggers 
Stealing my food - usually crisps or chocolate
Hi-fiving everyone he sees

This month we were given an amazing opportunity to fly out to Berlin with Beko which I will be talking more about in a few upcoming posts. These first photos were taken out there when we had the day to explore the city, we ended up walking over 10 miles in total which is just crazy! We were lucky to have great weather whilst out there too, some days it was 27 degrees which was great as the kids could play outside in the garden at the Bed and Beko home. The owners had two live-in cats which the kids loved, Harry especially took a liking to them and would follow them around everywhere! I think we may need to buy a kitten! 

Hope you all have a fantastic September! xo


  1. Gorgeous photos Kerry! So lovely to see you joining in! xx

  2. Gorgeous photos Kerry. I love the sofa outside. By the way I am glad you finally made the switch from Dr Pepper. lol

  3. Lovely photos it looks like you had a great time x

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