Different Types Of Insulation

Different types of insulation serve different purposes. To get maximum performance from your insulation its important you choose the right type. 

The goal of insulation is to prevent heat from escaping your home when its cold and to keep cool air inside when the weather is hot. Using the wrong type of insulation or a low quality of insulation can cause your home to loose a lot of energy. Loss of energy results in you paying higher bills for heating or cooling. This is why insulation is considered such a crucial home investment. 

Here are a few different types of insulation and what they are best known for. 

Foam boards 

This type of insulation can be used in pretty much all areas of your home. Foam boards are usually made from isolant polyuréthane and other similar materials. Foam boards are well known for their effectiveness in basements and in even in attics. 

Foam boards give above average thermal resistance. They are also able to reduce heat conduction in structural elements. Foam boards are convenient because they can reduce heat conduction in all structural materials such as steel or wood studs. 

Insulating Concrete Forms 

This is a unique type of insulation. Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) are forms that are poured with a concrete wall and become part of the wall assembly. This type of insulation makes for walls with a very high thermal resistance. 

Insulating concrete forms are made from interconnected foam boards or hollow foam cores that are able to interlock. Sometimes additional rebar or steel rods are added to provide more strength to the walls. Since this type of insulation is a part of your home structure, safety is a key role. 

Loose fill and blown in insulation 

This type of insulation is made from multiple materials. Combining fibre, foam and other minuscule particles makes loose fill insulation. This type of insulation is so densely packed with materials that it can fill any space and still be flexible enough to not disturb any existing structures. Loose fill insulation is a good option for retrofits or other locations where it’s hard to install traditional insulation. 

Structural insulated Panels 

This type of insulation is meant to be used in building walls, floors, roofs and ceilings. Structural insulated panels are pre-made structural elements that can be added to existing structures. Structural insulated panels are very air tight and can contribute to soundproofing a room. Structural insulated panels can be constructed in all types of different shapes. 

Since these panels are meant to be added to existing structures, the designs on structural insulated panels vary from location to location. These panels are usually made with different materials such as polyisocyanurate  foam or polystyrene.

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