Healthy Eating, Reading & Fruit Snacks #LittleLoves

So my idea of joining in with the #Littleloves linky has been a huge fail already as I missed out the last two weeks! The weeks seem to fly by so quickly that I completely forgot, so maybe I'll just join in once a month or every two weeks instead. 

I've been wanting to start reading again and as I've been spending less time on the laptop I have time to read or have a bath in the evenings which is nice. I haven't read a book apart from children's books probably since twilight which was years ago! I've never really been much of a reach to be honest, and much prefer to read blogs online but thought I'd pick up a few new books to read as I wanted to get a couple for holiday although I probably won't have a chance to read them with having to watch the kids. I've started reading The Girl On The Train as I'd heard a lot of great reviews on it, so we'll see how I get on! 

I've been watching The Michalaks for a good few years now since I discovered Hannah when she was pregnant with Gracie and have been hooked with their weekly vlogs ever since. They're vlogs are always so seamless and effortless, Steff as an amazing eye for detail and captures the most amazing content especially which he drone shoots too! I particularly enjoyed this weeks vlog as I do with all their others. 

This week Harry has been repeating the alphabet and that's thanks to these BEAR fruit shape snack bags which included some free abc cards inside. We were sent some of these boxes to try out. Amelia has never been keen on them, probably because they're not real sweets but Harry LOVES them and they're so handy when out and about for snacks. His favourite flavours are the strawberry and apple and the apple and blackcurrent. So i'll definitely be stocking up on these when we run out! I think the abc cards are a brilliant idea and they can also be used for games or your could even stick them on your child's door to spell their name like we've done. 

I recently bought the St Tropez 3 minute gradual tanner which you use in the shower after seeing some great reviews on it and have really been liking the results. It's on offer for £9.50 in Superdrug at the moment so I stocked up as you don't get that much in the tube. 

As I only have three months until we go on holiday where I'll be in a bikini every day, I am in dire need of shaping up and loosing my mum tum! I'm attempting to eat healthier and have been loving making and eating salads recently. I've never been a fan of salad at all but have made some of my own up. I desperately need to loose some of my tummy fat and tone up so I'm hoping I can stick to eating healthier over the next few months! 

Although it still doesn't feel like summer yet we have been getting out a lot this past week even if it's just for a quick trip to the supermarket or a walk in the forest. Having Amelia home every day of the week is quite stressful as she's so active if she's cooped up indoors all day she tends to get very hyper. I'm hoping to take the kids to the fun fair tomorrow and then the zoo next week and hopefully a cinema trip before Amelia's back at school next month. The summer holidays are flying by and will be over before we know it so I really want to make the most of the next few weeks. I have a couple of days booked off work next week which is nice so hopefully the weather is nice then too!
Hope you've all had a lovely week.

Kerry xo


  1. I really enjoyed Girl on the Train, it definitely had me hooked. You must let us know how you get on with it.
    A friend mentioned the new St Tropez in shower gradual tanner the other day and I've been wondering how it works and if it's any good. I think I might have to get some in Superdrug if the offer is still on.
    Hope you've had a good week this week xx


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