Flying With Kids: What I've Packed In Their Hand Luggage

On Tuesday morning we will be flying out to Berlin for the week for a work collaboration which I will be sharing more on later in the week. I have never flown with both of the kids before, but luckily this is only a short flight so should be some practice before a long haul flight to the Caribbean in a few months. 

As you can expect with two children you may need to pack a lot to entertain and keep them happy for the duration of the journey. As Harry is under two he isn't allocated any hand luggage so I decided to buy a bigger case for both of them to share. To some it may seem like I've packed a lot but the majority of these will also be used out there and on the way back too. The way I see it is you can never pack too much. Kids get bored easily so quickly switch to something new within 10-20 minutes. 

Magazine for Amelia
Ludo game 
Magic Sketchers - love these things for travelling
Colouring Activity Packs 
Frozen playing cards
Sticker packs
Sets of crayons
Play phone for Harry
Headphone splitter
iPad (not pictured)
Favourite toys 

I've made sure that I've packed plenty of snacks, although they won't all be eaten on the plane they will come in handy when we reach the other side. I bought a pouch for Harry just incase we're unable to find any food for him anywhere although he eats normal food we land at 10.30am and won't be at the apartment until after lunch time where we are meeting the production team so it's likely that we won't be able to stop for any food anywhere. The wethers are great for taking off and landing to prevent ears popping and I've packed some softer sweets for Harry. I discovered squash in these small little bottles a while back and thought they'd be perfect for going on holiday as you can just add a few drops to some water. 

I've packed pull ups for Harry, wipes, a change of clothes for them both and everything else in my bag just to keep everything separate and easily accessible. 

Am I missing anything? What do you usually pack for your little ones?


  1. I obviously don't pack enough after reading your post ;) but your right you can never have too much! I will definitely take inspiration from this post when we take our (now 21 month old) on a plane ��

  2. I pack coloring books and load the iPad with movies. We also bought extra external battery packs to charge our iPad if the trip is really long.

  3. Do love that little dinosaur backpack, my two would love it


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