The Busy Mums Guide For Getting Things Done

People often ask me how I manage to get so much done in the day as a busy working mum. There are days where I really don't feel like doing anything but then everything would just get on top of me. I try really hard to keep our house tidy, work at home daily, post on my blog, work part time as well as cooking and running errands with the kids in tow. I may not do all of these particularly well but at least I still do them. 

If you're looking for ways to get more done each day and be more productive, here are some of my best time management tips for busy mums to get more done each day and really make the most out of your time. 

1. Get up 30 minutes earlier

I've never really been a morning person and am always snoozing my alarms but once I'm up, I'm up so I like to get up about half an hour before the kids do to get started on any housework for the day. Whether it be unloading the dishwasher, putting the washing machine on, ironing clothes, having a shower in peace or catch up on some work without someone making a mess next to me. I find this makes such a difference and allows me to get everything I need done throughout the day. 

2. Go Paperless and sort all of your finances online 

I find that by paying all of my bills online and via direct debit I have a lot less paperwork to sort through at home. I also use online banking instead of receiving statements through the post so I can keep track of my finances and access them easily when needed. 

3. Batch Cooking 

Batch cooking is something I've become a lot better at doing and it's definitely paid off. When you cook, double up your ingredients to make twice a much so you can have it the next again day or freeze it for a later date to save time cooking. I'd recommend getting a combi microwave oven to save time cleaning up afterwards if you're rushed for time as you can cook your whole meal in the microwave. There are many Microwaves in UK by Panasonic so I'd definitively recommend taking a look.

4. Do your food shop online

If you're a busy working mum it can be difficult to squeeze in time to do the food shop, perhaps you'd rather not take the kids after the school run to avoid arguments and don't fancy spending your weekend wandering around the supermarket. Instead plan a weekly menu and do the shop online! It saves so much time and hassle. I love how convenient it is, I can get it delivered when ever I like and can sit back and do it one evening when the kids are in bed to be delivered the next day

5. Keep a gift cupboard stocked and ready

Instead of having to make a last minute dash to the shops when you remember a family members birthday or you need a gift for the teacher stock up a cupboard of gifts such as scented candles, vouchers, and other little gifts. Don't forget cards and wrapping paper too. Its always a good idea to stock up on these when they're on sale for example after Christmas or Black Friday.

6. Prepare yourself for the next day before bed

Every night lay out clothes for everyone for the next day, prepare packed lunches, school bags, work uniforms etc to save you time in the morning and any last minute frantic rushes!

7. Make a list before you go to bed 

Take a few minutes before you go to bed to make a list on what you plan to tackle for the next day. I always find by having a to-do list on my phone for tasks that I tend to get more done each day instead of putting them off for longer. 

Do you have any time saving tips for busy mums? Feel free to share them below.

* In collaboration with Panasonic


  1. Some really good & useful tips here! Thank you for sharing them! I always have a to-do list on my phone so I remember what jobs need doing! x

  2. With my baby boy, It is very difficult for me to handle my daily routine..Job, Bills, groceries are all in mess...Thanks for this useful tips..Looking forward to trying them in my life..

  3. Thank you for sharing some useful and good tips for managing my time. I really thank you because it’s really hard to manage time when you have to do a lot. I tried to get up 30 minutes earlier and I was surprised that only 30 minutes give me so much time to do things. Actually, after waking 30 minutes earlier, I went for running. And after that all day was brighter and I had more energy than before. And I guess that your tip for shopping online is quite helpful. But some of products I prefer to buy only at Supermarket after seeing if they are fresh. But for other products, I would use online shopping. I think these are my most favourite tips from your list. But I want to save my time more, so I will do other tips too. Thank you once again.

  4. A great post. We already batch cook and prepare lunches in advance. I wish I had a gift supply as this morning I have to make a dash to the shops to buy a gift for a birthday party Isabelle is going to. I always end up spending more as I have to get something!

  5. Some great tips! I started online grocery shopping earlier in the year and haven't looked back, seriously I should be on commission with how much I enthuse about it!! Some great tips lovely, thank you x


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