Affordable Ways To Make Your Home Look Like A Luxury Hotel

As we draw nearer to the Easter holidays I have been looking at short city breaks for a weekend trip later this month. I don't think we'll be going abroad anywhere this year before we go to the Dominican Republic in November so I'd like to take a few short breaks away here in the UK whilst we can, when Amelia's not at school. I have been looking at Luxury Apartments in Birmingham as it's one city that I've never visited before and think it would be great to take the kids to see some of the attractions the city has to offer. There are a few good places to visit in Birmingham like the  National Sea Life Centre  which is walking distance if we find a good deal to stay around city centre or if we fancy a nice drive we could always visit Cadbury World which is only 20 minutes in the car from the city centre hotels and serviced apartments where we would most likely to be staying.

Whilst looking for accommodation, I thought it would be easier for us to stay in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel for a more comfortable experience. I much prefer staying in self catering accommodation as I always worry about the noise the kids make around other guests, although they're not that noisy ,some people usually the older generation can get rather annoyed when kids are about. I prefer apartments as they always seem like a home away from home, somewhere to relax and not have to worry about other people.

It usually takes me a while to choose a hotel or apartment as I always have to check out the images and read reviews before-hand. I also like looking at the decor as it always gives me ideas on how to decorate our home. Having a luxurious hotel vibe in your bedroom and bathroom can be really calming and is becoming increasingly popular amongst budding interior designers. There's something about hotel and apartment accommodation decor which always makes me want to re-decorate my home. 

One of the most noticeable touches is the way laminate flooring is used throughout the entire area which gives a continuously consistent look and feel as soon as I step through the door and it really inspires me to have it installed in the same way in my home. We already have laminate flooring across the majority of the home, but I have been looking at changing the entire downstairs rooms with the same product to get that wonderful uniform look. The good thing about laminated floors is that I can also have it in the kitchen as some of them have really good moist resistant properties that can easily withstand few spills and leaks here and there. 

As I've recently redecorated the majority of the house, a new modern white coloured laminate flooring will really complete the look. I'm really into the minimalistic Scandinavian decor at the moment along with monochrome so this will go perfectly together as the pine wooden flooring just doesn't look as nice in my opinion.

Here are some decor tips I've collected from staying away in hotels and luxury apartments if you're looking to create a luxury home. No matter the budget, a lavish lifestyle can be achieved at home — it just takes a few small steps.


The bed should take centre stage of the room when you're going for a luxury hotel style. The bedroom is always well designed with matching bedding, cushions and curtains. Egyptian cotton sheets are a must as well as a bed spread. A good plush headboard will add a touch of luxury to any room. A a couple of bedside tables and a cozy chair will also create a hotel feeling.


There are a rang of lighting products these days that are inexpensive, and yet have avery expensive feel. Installing upward lighting creates space. Central ceiling lights are outdated and condense the feel of the room. Have lighting above the bed and over any dressing tables or coffee tables.


As I've said previously the majority of hotels these day will still use carpet, however it has long been out of fashion. Modern wooden floorings are very effective as insulators and are very easy to maintain, clean and install.

Create A Spa Bathroom 

If you're going for that luxury look in the bathroom you'll want it to have a spa feeling to it. The best hotels will have heated towel rails, and heated flooring. Although this may be above your budget, you can still add simple things like a pretty shower curtain, roll towels up on a shelf or in a basket and add some scented candles.

Add flowers and greenery 

Flowers and greenery are a key element to add to all of your rooms if you're going for that hotel look. It can be rather expensive to keep buying flowers to maintain a home full of fresh-cut flowers so if you're on a budget why not buy some artificial flowers or house plants.

What inspires you from hotel decor whilst on holiday?

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  1. What a great and very valuable tips to making home looking like Luxury hotel room. These ways are within reasonable budget. I must try to change the view of my home. I think for hotel customers feedback matter and management improve the quality to keep in mind that feedback or suggestion.

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  3. Really a nice blog post.. I feel all your tips about basement insulation are fantastic! Thanks for posting this..

  4. Great tips for the home as usual you know how to guide us all. Love this. Just catching up on what I have been missing these last few weeks while I was slacking with my mother visiting. Blog is looking busy hun so awesome.


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