Interesting Bathroom Facts and Trends

When you ask people, which is the most important room in their home? They are very unlikely to say their bathroom. In fact, for many it would come near the bottom of the list, if not dead last. 

How long we spend in the bathroom

However, it is actually somewhere we spend a surprising amount of time. On average, we spend around three hours a week in this little room, which adds up to about six months of our life. That is despite the fact most of us try to get in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible.

An oasis of calm 

Despite this, a surprisingly high percentage of people still see the bathroom as a peaceful, tranquil place. A recent poll carried out by a leading UK bathroom company showed that for 43% of people this little room was the only place they really got some ‘alone’ time. Around 39% of people said they go to the bathroom if they need time to think. 

We like a touch of luxury in our bathrooms 

The way people view their bathroom goes some way to explaining why people are prepared to splash the cash when it comes to this small room. They like a touch of luxury even if they are not in there for long. 

Underfloor heating 

Perhaps the ultimate luxury is underfloor heating. The last thing people want is to get out of a hot bath or shower and have to stand on a cold floor or a tiny mat to dry off. A lovely warm floor is much nicer. 

A bathroom is the perfect place to try out this relatively alternative form of heating. It is a small room, which make it easier for people to experiment and see if they like it. Most people are hooked the first time they try it and have it installed in other rooms of the house. 

Darker colours for 2016 

After years of mainly white, cream or beige bathrooms, it looks like 2016 will be a year of change. Homeowners are getting a bit more adventurous about how they decorate this important room. 

For 2016, darker colours will be popular. Chocolate brown towels and accessories are already flying off the shelves. Several designers and stores have also launched dark red and purple towels, which are also catching people’s eye. For those who want a different colour palette, dark greens are another option. 

Small is beautiful 

Designers are also working hard to produce smaller bathroom suites. There is a trend for people to install additional en-suites in their homes. Increasingly, people want their own private toilet and shower. 

In addition, as property prices soar, landlords are converting smaller spaces into accommodation. Therefore, there is a growing market for tiny bathroom suites. Several manufacturers have responded and developed their own petite ranges. 

Without a doubt, during 2016, our bathrooms will undergo drastic transformations. As our lives get busier, they are likely to become increasingly important to us. Providing a place to retreat, and be left in peace for a while. As a result, we think you can expect to see people spending more on their bathrooms, in 2016.

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