Best Interior Design Apps for Shabby Chic Decor

It’s not always easy to imagine a complete rearrangement of your furniture, and sometimes that beautiful sofa you brought home from the design store just doesn’t look as sumptuous as you had visualised. It’s an even greater challenge to imagine furniture you might want to purchase online. 

Luckily for us, there’s an app for that. Swedish furniture maker IKEA began using augmented reality to enhance their catalogue; you can now place virtual items in your room for an idea of their look and size. 

While the idea is brilliant, real world use can be a little cumbersome as some items appear larger than life while others appear to float on the ceiling. 

If you want to find a great design app keep it simple and practical. Some apps can help you make measurements while others are chock a block with ideas on how to turn your living spaces into shabby chic luxury. 

Peppermint 2 by Sittipon Simasanti 

Peppermint is an app to help you find the perfect colour schemes. Use your phone’s camera to determine the colour card of any object and Peppermint will offer you a number of suggestions that can harmonise well with what you’re looking at. 

iHandy Level Free by iHandy Inc. 

We don’t all have professional measuring tools lying around the house. If you want to make sure your latest visual embellishment is hanging straight, this handy free app can help you keep things level. iHandy works vertically, horizontally and even on a flat plain. 

Sun Seeker Lite by ozPDA 

Keep on the sunny side of life with this solar compass designed to help you determine the sunniest spaces in your home. Using a flat compass and augmented reality you can use the Sun Seeker app to determine the degree to which light will enter a room any time of the year. Lighting is everything when it comes to designing your space, this app can help you make the most of natural luminescence.

Magpie by Conran

Designing your living space can be a thrill. The room is a blank slate and, money aside, the possibilities are limitless. As the room starts taking shape, your creative vision will expand and you’ll start seeing good ideas everywhere. Magpie helps you capture those ideas and puts them into a scrapbook for future reference. Magpie also helps you print your captures directly from your device. 

Phaidon Design Classics by Phaidon Press 

Be inspired by classic styling with Phaidon’s collection of product designs from the past 200 years. Learn how styles have changed from decade to decade and find the vintage look you’re working to achieve in your own spaces. Repurpose your old furniture for a fresh breath of shabby chic elegance. 

There are scores of apps out there to help you transform your living spaces into the masterworks you have in mind. Choose apps for their practicality and leave the creativity and fun to your noggin. 

Do you have any favourite interior design apps to share?

* This is a collaborative post. For details on how I work with brands take a look at my work with me page. 

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  1. This is really great when I want to re-design my home...

  2. I've not used any apps like these before, going to check them out as I need inspo for baby boys nursery! Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  3. In this list of apps I have used only Peppermint I hope this app is perfectly used for color schemes. Apart from this app which app gives perfect interior design tips?


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