A Monochrome First Birthday Party

Monochrome first birthday party

As soon as I started planning Harrys first birthday I knew what the theme would be. In fact I had already chosen it before he was even born! Over the past year or so I have become slightly obsessed with anything monochrome and my house is slowly turning into my black and white dream home! So undoubtably I knew that his first birthday party would be a monochrome theme. We're not big on birthday parties in our family and only tend to do them for first birthdays although as the kids get older and start getting invited to parties at school I'm sure that will change so I knew it would only be a small get together for family which was fine but I still wanted to make it special all the same.

I really enjoyed planning Amelia's first birthday decor which was vintage princess inspired and it's been pinned on Pinterest over 6000 times since I shared it so I was looking forward to planning Harry's too. I left the planning till rather last minute as his birthday is pretty close to Christmas I wasn't as organised as I usually am, however I did manage to get the majority of the bits I wanted.

I have listed everything below but if there's anything specific you'd like to know or that I've missed out please let me know! I'll start off by sharing his cake. I did do a cake smash a few days before hand as a practice run as I hardly ever make cakes and I'm definitely no cake decorator but I thought I'd save some money instead of buying them. I had an idea of what type of cake I wanted to make, something simple with a touch of monochrome. I came across a few cakes on Instagram over the past year and found a cake topper from Clara Ivy which I thought would be perfect! I also wanted to add a couple of little Schleich animals so thought pandas would fit well. The cake looks awful but it's better than what I had expected.

As I recently downsized our dining table I had to work with what space I had for the party table. Luckily as we only had some family members coming over I didn't need to put out a lot of food but still wanted some bits for people to snack on. I think I managed to fit quiet a fair amount considering the size of the table. I love the little cupcake holders filled with humous and breadsticks and thought they would be great for the kids as well as the popcorn. I bought the majority of the decorations from Party Kitsch, Cissy Wears and Ebay and I'm glad that I managed to find everything that I wanted. 

The details

Cake - Made by me
Cake topper - Clara Ivy
Birthday candles
Schleich animals
Mini party hats - Handmade using polka dot cardstock
Party hats
Black Plastic Plates and bowls
Black striped paper plates
Black bows paper plates
Black bows paper cups
Popcorn boxes
Mini cupcake holders
Black and white straws
Black and white stripe paper cups
Black Honeycomb decoration
Tassle Garland
Letter Bunting
Number '1' t-shirt
Black bow balloons


Hummus and breadsticks
Sausage rolls

Did you have a theme for your little one's first birthday?

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  1. So cute! Edith just turned 1 too, they must only be a few days apart? H x

    1. Ahh did she? When was her birthday? Harry turned 1 on the 16th x

  2. You and your monochrome ;) This looks truly ace though and totally pinterest-worthy. Well done you! x

  3. You did a great job, it looks amazing! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Harry's 1st Birthday! x

  4. Ah i love it so classic and clean looking! Home-made cakes are always the best to! The animals definitely gave it that extra cute touch!

  5. I just love your style! This is so lovely - hope it was a wonderful day x

  6. I love this! You pull off the monochrome trend very well and it's definitely very pinterest-friendly. Clems 1st birthday was in the summer so we had a teaparty in the garden.x

  7. It looks amazing and is just your perfect style! x

  8. I love it! I love monochrome too, I'd have monochrome everything if I could. Looks like a very stylish birthday party for little Harry x

  9. aaaaw so cute, love the decor! I'm obsessed with monochrome too! haha x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  10. I love this. The sign, the cake....party decs have to match (it's the law) x

  11. What a fabulous cake - it really looks like a snow mountain that the bear is just perched on! I also love the hanging decor and the letter lamp. Looks absolutely fantastic - lucky Harry and happy belated first birthday to him!

  12. As folks we need the absolute best for our kids. Also, our youngsters turning 1 years of age is a standout amongst the most huge occasion in our daughter's life. We need them to esteem and fortune this occasion when they think back sometime down the road. Click here

  13. I love this theme I wish I had done monochrome for Blake's birthday but I think I'll definitely do it for his 2nd birthday.

  14. I love this Kerry. You've even colour coordinated the food. I'm becoming a little obsessed with monochrome too! Happy first birthday to Harry! How quick does time fly by? Kat x

  15. I love this theme, even the food matches ! I bet this goes crazy on Pinterest too like Amelia's. I hope he had a wonderful birthday xx

  16. Ah it looks lovely! We didn't have a theme for Toby's, just a bbq and a really bad duck pond cake that I made because he loved ducks at the time!xx


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