November Income Report

Wow, I was completely blown away with the response from my October income report where I shared how I made over £2000 from my blog. I have been replying to emails, messages on Facebook and Twitter and still have many comments to reply to on the post, sorry if I'm yet to get back to you! As I previously mentioned I was worried about sharing the post in the first place but was reassured by many of your comments that it was the right decision so here I am with my November income report. 

Again, I am not sharing this to brag, it's mainly to help me work harder next month and meet my own personal targets but I also love reading these type of posts myself when I stumble across them on Pinterest and I know many of you do too hence always been asked to share my own and receiving many questions from fellow bloggers on how to make money blogging. By sharing these with you it shows you what is achievable and how you too can make money online, whether you're wanting to make a bit of extra money on the side to save up for a holiday or quit your job. 

It's been another good month earning wise online, although it did start off pretty slow as I was waiting for many payments from the previous month. 

Here's what I earned in November, so everything I have been paid last month not including any outstanding payments which I am waiting on which will be paid next month.


Sponsored posts: £1700
Client work: £150
Google Adsense: £145.79
Blog coaching: £100
Affiliate Income (Amazon associates, eBay): £78.64
Bluehost*: $109.94 = £72.76
DYOB* Ebook: $55.70 = £36.86
Nectar Collective*: $399.60 = £264.43

Total income: £2548.48

Although I had a few more higher paid sponsored posts this past month I finally received payment from many collaborations I had been waiting payment on for many posts from previous months which is why it's so high this month. I do still hope to take less sponsored posts in December and not any lower than my usual sponsored post fees.

I did less client work this month but would like to increase this in the new year and have had a few enquiries. By decreasing my sponsored post quantity I should be able to focus on this more and bring in a higher revenue from this in the future. 

Google Adsense has been my highest payment this month at £145.79 compared to £131.54 last month and around £100 just a few months ago. My recent tweaks seem to be working! If you want to see how you can earn more money from Google Adsense take a read of my post here

I have seen an increase in Amazon associates over the last month or so which I think is down to adding a couple of Christmas gift banners into giveaway posts as well as including more links in gift guide type of posts these seem to be where I am getting the most clicks and sales from. I will continue to include affiliate links in future posts as well as go back to my most popular posts and add these in.

My highest paying affiliate in November has been Melyssa's courses over at the Nectar Collective which after doing a couple of them earlier in the year and really enjoying them, I started recommending them on the blog so this months earnings are higher than usual due to being paid from the affiliate scheme. 


Buffer: $10 (£6.47)
Boardbooster: $30 (£19.41)
Mailchimp $10 (£6.47)
Facebook promoted posts: £10.00
Paypal credit payments (iMac): £68
New printer*: £99.99

Total expenses: £210.34

Take home total: £2338.14 (this doesn't include deductions for tax and National Insurance contributions which I put aside each month)

I had far less expenses this month compared to last month (£538.14) which was great as it meant I was able to put a bigger chunk away for the tax man! I also changed my Boardbooster payment plan which is now more expensive but more affective as it means I am able to schedule more pins every day. 

Most popular posts last month:
How I made over £2000 blogging last month 

Top 5 referrals:

Things I've done differently this month

I wouldn't really say that I've done much differently this month compared to last month, I am still in the process of re-branding. It's taking a bit longer than I had hoped but between writing posts, meeting deadlines etc I just don't seem to have time to sit down and tweak my blog design or layout. I mentioned last month that I would stop accepting reviews at the moment and I have turned down a lot this past month and passed them onto other relevant bloggers instead. I did however take on one which will be arriving sometime next month. I feel far less stressed and this means I can get up the reviews I still need to publish which I am behind on. 

I am still pinning around 100 pins a day via Boardbooster so my Pinterest audience is still pretty high and it has increased since last month which you can view here but is now staying at around 270,000 daily viewers over the course of the month. I still need to update images in older posts but again I need more time so hopefully by doing that I will see more traffic back to the blog. 

Twitter this past month I seem to have tweeted less, which I noticed as I hadn't been using Buffer daily like previous months. I have however has more mentions from other users from sharing my content which is great! 

Goals for December 
  • Use Buffer again to schedule posts daily
  • Continue to use StumbleUpon more to promote relevant posts
  • Continue to clean up broken links 
  • Finish updating old posts with pin-able images
  • Not to take on any reviews until current ones are completed
  • To earn at least £2000 

Goals for next year
  • Post more consistent valuable blog posts
  • Grow my email list
  • Finish writing my e-book
  • Launch an email course 
  • Increase my affiliate income 
  • Take on less sponsored post work
  • Fix my blog navigation and focus

I hope you found this income report helpful or that it inspires to you monetise your blog. There are so many ways that bloggers can make money from blogging and there are so many fantastic opportunities out there. Whether you're wanting to earn £100, £1000 or £10,000 a month it is most definitely possible and many bloggers earn thousands more than I do each month. I say this all the time but I am so thankful that I am able to do something I love and provide for my family, even if it is a lot of late night and long working hours its worth it!

Do you earn from your blog or have considered monetising it? I'd love to know, let me know below. If you have any questions about any of the income or expenses please feel free to ask below or get in touch with me on Twitter (I'll respond quicker on there)


  1. Hi Kerry!

    What courses did you do of Melyssa's? I just started pinfinite growth and love it & her!

    1. Hi Lydia, I did the pinfinate one too although I already did most of the things she mentioned I still found it really helpful. I also did the brand boss one too :)

  2. Great post again, I really enjoy reading these. My biggest income has been from sp videos in the past couple of months and I hope to up my SP and freelance for the next few months and see how that goes. For NI and tax do you put 20% of your earnings aside each month?
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

    1. That's amazing Lisa, I've heard that sponsored videos are becoming more popular now which is great! I do, I try and put more aside if I can on higher earning months just so I don't leave myself short throughout the rest of the year if I have a lower month or two. x

  3. Great ideas Kerry, I will be looking out for your other blogging tips, I have so much to improve on my blog. Only just moved to wp self hosted after nearly 4 years so feel like I'm starting all over again!

    1. Thank you Lucy. I'm still not self hosted, I just cant pluck up the courage to switch from blogger!

  4. Amazing Kerry, very impressive. I'll have to have a look at boardbooster. How many tweets a day do you usually schedule on buffer?

    1. Thanks Lisa. I'd definitely recommend doing so, you can do lower packages too. At the moment its 0-5 woops but I used to do about 15, I know others who do far more though. I try not to schedule too much if I can if I'm honest.

  5. This is really interesting, don't consider it bragging at all. Quite motivating actually to see what kind of income is achievable as a blogger x

  6. I love these reports Kerry! They're so motivating and are a great way to show everyone how you can make money blog them. I don't see them as bragging but as insightful and beneficial! xx #love2blog

  7. This is a really great post. It's so refreshing to read an honest post as I often wonder how much bloggers can realistically make each month. I also love the fact that you're on Blogger too. I thought that might hold me back but it's clearly working for you! I'm going to stop stressing about going self-hosted now! Jemma x

  8. I am so glad that you're sharing these monthly reports babe, it's great and really motivating to see what's achievable if you really set your mind to it! xx

  9. I found this post very helpful. You have given nme some ideas to pursue to grow my blog.

  10. This is really helpful to see what the potential of blogging is and what areas are best to concentrate on.

  11. Fab, well done :) Was nice chatting to you at the blog clinic in Blogfest btw, thanks for the tips :)

  12. Wow Kerry this os amazing well done. I have started to receive more offers for my blog and as it is still small I am more than happy with feedback I have been getting. I would love to read more of your tips just need to find the time to do so!

  13. So super helpful!
    Jabeen x

  14. That's amazing Kerry! You're doing so well - you should be proud of yourself. x

  15. As always a very helpful post. Again I really need to start using pinterest properly for my blog. I just throw everything into a board called blog posts. Is that efficient enough?

  16. I LOVE reading your post's they are always so helpful and I love how you are trying to teach people the way to go about working from home and taking care of family, I hope one day to be where you are. I just found the blogging world in August and I feel like I found my calling in what I want to do in life. My posts are not so great at the minute but I've went self hosted and want to monetize my blog and learn lots of new things and bring out better content. Thankyou for bringing these posts to us!

    Pauline x

  17. This is amazing! I think it's fantastic that you share this to help both motivate others but also to show what you have achieved and what is achievable too. Well done you!

  18. These are always really interesting/useful to read, Kerry. Thank you for sharing.

    You are doing so well. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  19. Fab post again lovely, I really enjoy reading these posts and find them super helpful. I love your honesty and transparency; it's great to get an insight into what you can achieve in the blogging world x

  20. Wow, what a brilliant month! I hope next month is just as rewarding for you.

  21. Really interesting Kerry! I don't monetise my blog, well the very occasional SP but generally mine's just reviews and my own randomness! I don't think I could put the effort in that you do, I admire you but don't know how you manage it alongside two kids!xx

  22. Amazing Kerry!
    Although I'm not surprised! You have a pretty darn awesome blog :D
    Keep up the amazing work sugar
    Charlotte x

  23. Hi Kerry

    You've mentioned in your income reports about setting money aside for tax etc, I was just wondering at what point you have to declare your income from the blog and how you figure out how much tax to set aside? I've had my blog for a couple of years and not really made anything from it, so this year I'm really going to focus on it but I'm really unsure about the whole tax side of things. Any advice would be great, thank you!

    Jenna xx

    1. Hi Jenna, thank you for commenting. If you make any money from your blog you need to be declaring it I believe, even if its not much at all. You will only have to pay national insurance contributions if you're not earning much but when you start to earn more you will need to pay tax too. It's hard to give you an exact figure really as everyones income is different, but I tend to put aside £200 a month for tax and NI contributions where as I know others who put aside £50, some £100 and others more. I think there is an online calculator somewhere which you can use if you know roughly how much you will be earning :) Hope that helps, sorry for rambling xx


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