Ideas For The Garden

I know we're currently in the middle of winter but I can't help but look forward to the summer. Call me crazy but this awful weather always makes me think ahead to warm winter evenings sat in the garden and days at the beach. I'm hoping to finish off our garden next year as I didn't really get round to doing so this year as we didn't have the best of summers! 

I would really like to buy the kids a playhouse especially as Harry will be walking by then and its will be nice for them both to play outside together. I recently found the Cotswold Poppy Playhouse one from greenhousestores.co.uk which I am thinking of painting up and making it a nice little playhouse for them both along with some accessories. 

I don't have anywhere to store things in the garden such as toys and the garden furniture as we don't have a shed so I was thinking instead of buying a shed which would take up a lot of room especially with the playhouse that a small wooden storage unit would work well and be big enough to hide everything away. 

I've been wanting to buy a chiminea or some sort of fire pit for some time now, and thought this one from Next would be perfect for sitting out on summer evenings when I have company round. The rattan planters will be perfect and look great against the wooden fence. 

1. Playhouse
3. Watering Can
4. Rattan Effect Planters
5. Black Globe Fire Pit
6. White Bench
7. Garden storage

Do you have any plans for doing up your garden next summer?

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  1. This always happens to me, I wish for snow in the summer and then it's winter and I'm yearning for sunny, balmy days. Love these inspiring ideas for the garden, hoping for a bit of a make over all being well in the summer. Lovely post x


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