Monochrome Stocking Fillers For Babies & Toddlers

This year I'm much less organised than I was last year. I think I had pretty much completed my Christmas shopping by now as well as having Amelia's stocking and Christmas eve box ready, however this year I appear to be leaving it until last minute instead. Last week I decided to make a start on purchasing the kids stocking fillers and have a number of items on my to-buy list which I'll be buying over the next few weeks. As you can see I'm a huge fan of monochrome and wooden toys so of course I couldn't resist stocking up on these as I'm slowly trying to get rid of all of the hideous coloured plastic toys in our house so I thought I'd share some of my favourite monochrome stocking fillers if you're a monochrome lover like me or just looking for some ideas! 

For Harry I've bought the wooden zebra and thinking of buying the sheep pull along as he doesn't really have many wooden toys. I have also bought him a wooden car and plate and really want to buy the alphabet cutlery and swiss cross blanket. For Amelia I've decided to buy her a few sonny angel dolls, a black wooden car to match Harry's, a buddy and bear plate to match Harry's, some nesting dolls, and a couple more bits and bobs such as colouring books, crayons and kinder eggs.

We already have many of the storage bags around the house but I think they make lovely Christmas gifts or stocking fillers and they're cheap too! I love this superhero one from Hello Henry! As I need a stocking for Harry I've decided to buy this black and white one and I'm loving the look of these personalised white ones which I'm tempted to buy one for Amelia. 

Lego Storage Brick
Kuruma Wooden Car
Yay Tumbler
Design Letters Colouring In Pad
Robot Money Box
Sheep Pull Along Toy
Black & White Nesting Dolls
Modern Burlap Swiss Cross Blanket
Alphabet Cutlery Set
Ho Ho Ho Plate
Superheo Paper Storage Sack
Alphabet Bowl
Hape Zebra

I'd love to know what you're putting in your little one's stockings!

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  1. You know i already have 99.999999% of these! Great choices though my fellow monochrome addict! xxx

  2. I am in love with your choices. The monochrome look/style is really growing on me! xx

  3. After seeing your pictures I think I'm starting to join the monochrome bandwagon! might have to pop the cutlery in L's first ever Christmas stocking! x

  4. Oh these are adorable. I love all the monochrome Kerry. These my kids would love too! :)

  5. My monochrome addiction is in its early stages - just bought a few new baby outfits in the next size up. Loving the milk collective rattles for my babies Christmas though. Some great picks here - I just need a bigger budget!


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