Harry At 10 Months

In just two short months Harry will be one! Where has my little baby gone? This year feels like one of the quickest of my life! It feels like only yesterday that I shared his 9 month update yet he has changed so much since then.

Harry now has 8 teeth (4 top and 4 bottom) and looks like he's cutting another too! They seem to have grown pretty quickly as I didn't even notice the last two coming through since last month. His hair seems to be going a bit lighter, I wonder if it will go the same colour as Amelia's. Harry can stand up unaided however does prefer to sit down if you hold him as he like to wander off but if he's up against the sofa or coffee table he will let go and stand there. He loves walking around with his walker though. Amelia was walking at 10 months and took her first unaided step when he just turned 9 months so I'm thinking Harry will be walking on his own soon.

He's very ticklish and will let Amelia tickle him for ever if he could. I love watching them play together and he's always rolling around with her. This month Harry isn't eating as much as he usually would unless I feed him myself. He's going through the phase of throwing everything on the floor and finding it hysterical! So I'm hoping he grows out of it soon so I can try him with some new foods. He loves stealing Amelia's food though. 

We had his 9 month check with the health visitor a couple of weeks ago and he was weighing 20lb 11oz and he's in the 90th percentile for his height so I think he'll be tall like his daddy although he is pretty short now. We did have a hospital trip earlier this month as he came up with a rash all over and a high temp, he's still got the rash mainly on his face and upper chest but I think it's eczema now so I'm taking him back to the doctors later this week. 

He still prefers to say "dada" and has only said "mama" a handful of times since he first said it. He's always so happy and cheeky. I can see him getting up to a lot of mischief in the next few months. 

  • Now has 8 teeth 
  • In 9-12 month clothing on top and bottom
  • Weighed 20lb 11oz at 9 1/2 months 
  • Moved on to size 5 nappies
  • Still sleeping through the night however does sometimes stir around 11/12 for a bottle
  • Nearly outgrown his Doona ... time to look for a new car seat!

  • Prefers to say "Dada" than "Mama"
  • Barely uses his Jumperoo anymore
  • Always on the go and will not sit still
  • Lazy in the mornings and will sometimes sleep in till 8am!
  • Does not like wearing hats or socks
  • Favourite toy is his Panda

  • Took Harry For His 9 Month Update A Couple Of Weeks Ago 
  • Finally Decided On His Christmas Presents 
  • Made On A Start Planning His 1st Birthday!

Here are a few more photos of Harry this month. 

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  1. So cute! It's funny my niece also didn't like wearing socks and would always take them off. I wonder if all babies are like that??

  2. 10 months old already?! He always looks so happy and he's the spitting image of Amelia! I can't believe he's almost walking too :) xx

  3. What a lovely update. The older he's getting the more like Amelia he's looking, those 10months have seriously flown by! Amelia didn't get her first tooth until she was 11months! Beautiful photos as always Kerry xx

  4. Great update :) He's grown up soo much ! Such a beautiful little boy xx

  5. He is adorable and getting so big!!

  6. He looks so much like his sister! And when did he get so big?! x

  7. He's adorable. Can't believe he's walking around. My little lady just sits there but I still have cushions at the back just in case. No teeth from her but she's very clingy lately. Get nothing done. But like harry she likes her sleep ins too unlike her brother.

  8. No way how is little gorgeous Harry ten months old? I am blinking too long. He has the best smile I have ever seen I know I said that to you the other day but it's just heart melting. TOO CUTE.


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