Decorating a Bedroom With Oak Furniture

If you're a regular reader of the blog you may remember I recently underwent a bit of makeover around the house and decorated the kids rooms and living room. One room which hasn't yet been completed is the main bedroom. I created my little blogging space in the corner but the rest of the room is untouched. It's all a bit mix and match at the moment as none of the furniture matches since I kept changing things around but I have been transitioning from dark wood to white furniture and currently have white wooden bedside cabinets however the wardrobe is still dark oak!

I have been looking for a white wooden bed frame for the longest time and have never quite found the perfect one until now. So I will be purchasing the white painted oak Aspen high foot bed which is exactly what I have been looking for and it will go with any theme or coloured furniture to adapt any to room changes making it a great investment as it's a timeless piece of furniture. My current bed frame is white which does go with the room however it's metal and I would really prefer a wooden one. I'm also wanting to downsize from a king size to a double since I no longer co-sleep with any of the kids to give us a bit more room for more furniture.

Oak furniture is so flexible with many room schemes which is great for me as I change my mind and decorate many times throughout the year. The great thing about having this bed means that I can swap and change any accessories to match any theme whenever I wish.

I have started to buy a few decorative accessories such as cushions, lamps and prints for the walls however I still need to buy the bed and a new wardrobe along with a few other bits. I'm going for a scandinavian monochrome theme to go with the rest of the house. Here is how I'm hoping the room will look once complete:

Shop the look:
1. Cushion
2. Bedside lamps
3. Wooden Bed
4. Andy Warhol Print
5. White wardrobe
6. Bamboo Plant
7. Bedside tables
8. Striped rug
9. Wicker laundry basket

What do you think of my plans for the bedroom?

* This post is in collaboration with Oak Furniture Company. For details on how I work with brands take a look at my work with me page.

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  1. I absolutely love that white and oak side table with the lamp on it and painted grey furniture is my first choice every time. My whole house is white and grey almost. lol These are great.

  2. I love to buy White Oak furniture all for my room. It suitable and matched with all pain color and make your room beautiful. http://www.merridale-furnishers.co.uk/


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