Well the summer holidays have finally arrived and if you have children in school you'll most likely be jetting off abroad or holidaying in the UK sometime over the next six weeks. We're not actually going anywhere this summer but do have a holiday booked at the end of September which I'm looking forward to as it will be our first holiday with Harry! Although we're not going abroad it will still be nice for a change of scenery, no early morning nursery runs and being able to relax (okay, semi relax with kids). 

I'm also looking at booking a holiday abroad next year as we haven't been abroad since France last year and then the Dominican Republic the year before which I must say is my favourite holiday destination! I'm already saving so we can book it sometime later this year. 

Best Offers Bingo recently carried out a survey on 1000 people asking "What's the one thing you can't live without on your summer holiday" and the sun was top of the list at 11.7% closely followed by sun lotion which is a given must unless you want to return looking like a lobster! I'm surprised that 'alcohol' and 'my partner' were at the bottom of the list although I'd quite like a peaceful holiday myself. 

Here are the top 10 results from the survey:

The sun 11.7%
Sun lotion 10.8%
A good book 6.4%
Mobile phone 5.5%
Good food 4.3%
Money 4.0%
Sunglasses 3.4%
Water 3.1%
Alcohol 3.0%
My partner 2.1%

Personally my must haves for a summer holiday are sun, good food, good company and my phone or camera. 

What couldn't you live without on your holiday?

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  1. Obviously the sun, a good sized pool in the hotel grounds, buffet ( I always prefer half board or all inclusive) and sunglasses.

  2. The sun, money & good company are top of mine :)

  3. Oh! We're the same, sun, money, good food and great company! :)

    Rica | www.switbbydoll.com

  4. Mine would definietly be my family, as long as I had my loved ones on holiday with me, it doesn't matter about anything else:) having the sun would also be great though haha xx

  5. I've only been abroad once but I couldn't live without my camera, good company {family} and good food oh and water!!!

  6. when I go on holiday there has to be good food. I can't think of anything worse than going to a hotel for 2 weeks and the food being crap.

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