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Amelia has been weaning big girl pants at bedtime to help with the night time accidents. She first started wearing big girl pants not long after we first started potty training shortly before Amelia turned two. We switched from using nappies during the day at first and then slowly introduced them at night time too. I'll be honest, I did put it off for a while - not because she wasn't ready, but because we had other things going on which meant we didn't have time to fully potty train her during the day time as we wouldn't be home as often. 

The next step was going out in public without wearing anything other than her clothes, which she has done a number of times however if we're out of the house for long periods of time or she's at nursery I would always put a pull up on her incase of accidents. Amelia is now fine during the day and will use the toilet but isn't always dry at night time and we would wake up to a wet bed in the morning if she went to bed without anything on which is why we've been using DryNites® pants for night time accidents for the time being until she is dry more regularly in the morning. 

Bed wetting is common and apparently affects almost 600,000 children every year in the UK. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's important for your child to feel confident to overcome the bedwetting phase and DryNites pyjama pants are great for night time protection for children who are toilet trained during the day but still experience frequent night time accidents. They are discreet which is great especially for older children who may be feeling embarrassed.

The DryNites confident 24/7 campaign shares some really interesting advice on their website and gives tips on how to help with the bed-wetting phase for children from 4-7 or what ever their age. It's important that your child never feels ashamed and that you always reassure them and praise them for when they do have dry nights or when they've used the toilet instead. All children develop at different times, and some will be drier quicker than others. 

We are huge fans of DryNites in our house and they don't look childish compared to other brands and look very similar to regular pants so you child feels like they aren't a baby. They're also very discreet under pyjamas which would be great for older children who wet the bed if they had friends round. We were sent some DryNites in the size 3-5 however they do go all the way up to 15 years of age and are available in 3-5, 4-7 and 8-15 which can be bought from your local supermarket. The 3-5 size are a little big on Amelia as she has a petite frame however they don't leak at all. Amelia is happy to wear them and they seem pretty comfortable when on. We were previously using another brand at night time however have completely switched to these now as they seem to hold much more and don't leak. 
Have you used DryNites before? Do your children stay dry at night? I'd love to hear!

You can request your free sample here.

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  1. I'm still trying to get holly to use a potty!! but these sound great for when she reaches this stage.


  2. Freddie is no where near ready for potty training at nearly 2 but it's good to know about the drynites for when the time comes! Thanks for sharing these tips kerry x

  3. My boy will be 2 in August and is potty trained but still wet at night time due to still drinking milk, we use little angels pull ups and the bed still gets wet so will deffiently try DryNights now x


  4. My daughter is 6. She was dry at 3 at night but since starting school at 4 has wet the bed every night. We've tried everything so for now these are a God send. Expensive at almost £6 for 10 but I stock up when they offer £3.50

  5. We use Drynites too. They are great to holding a lot in. I am struggling to get B dry even though we stop giving liquids early and take him pee at 10/11 pm and still pees a lot at night. Need a miracle to get him dry so I can concentrate on potty training MM. lol

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