As a mum of two I never leave the house without a changing bag of some sort! When Harrison was younger I would be seen with my trusty Pink Lining Not So Plain Jane changing bag or Mia Tui, however these days I am often seen with my Out and About Mini Messenger which is perfect for carrying my essentials for shorter trips out especially the school run!

Now that Amelia is out of nappies I no longer need to pack anything for her when we are only out for a couple of hours or a quick supermarket trip although we do bring her juice in the car most of the time. I'm sure as Harrison gets older I will need to pack more especially when he is eating more so I will most likely switch back to my Not So Plain changing bag. 

Here are my every day essentials:

Nappies & Wipes - I usually pack 5-7 nappies in a bigger changing bag but for the Out and About Mini Messenger bag I take 2-3. I also have some in the car incase we do ever run out so I can easily replace them if needed when out for longer than planned. I don't pack a whole pack of baby wipes as they tend to weigh the bag down so I always take out a decent amount and pop them in my carry case. 

Bepanthen - I like to carry a small tube of some type of nappy cream, at the moment we use Bepanthen. 

Bonjela - As Harry is currently teething this is a must have changing bag essential for us at the moment. 

Tommee Tippee Therometor - I always like to bring this with me where ever I go along with a few packet of calpol. You never know when you may need to use it!

Sophie the Giraffe - This thing comes everywhere with us! Especially now as he has a tooth coming in it sure is a life saver! 

Suncream - With it being the hotter time of year (or at least it's suppose to be) I always have suncream just incase as you never know when the sun will make an appearance. We love using the SLG cosmetics range. 

Sunglasses - These always come with me where ever I go as it's usually cloudy when I leave the house and an hour later it can be sunny - very annoying when driving!

Changing mat - The changing bag comes with a handy fold away changing mat with is extremely useful when changing out in public places. It slots away in the front of the changing bag too so doesn't take up any of the room inside the bag itself. 

Toy - I always like to bring a baby toy or some sort for Harry incase he gets a bit fussy, especially when we go out to eat or on the school run when waiting in the car. 

...and of course I never leave home without my purse, phone and keys so these are always zipped away in my changing bag. The Out and about Messenger has a handy zip compartment where I tend to store the keys and phone. 

What are your every day changing bag essentials? 

* This is my submission for the Pink Lining Ambassador search, if you'd like to apply for their Ambassador search you can find out more information here. Be quick though as entries close on June 30th! 

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  1. I love your mini bag and it looks like it fits quite a few bits in it. :-) x

  2. That mini messenger bag is super cute!

    My daughter has just turned 14 months so I have a bit of a transitional bag at the moment - now quite full of either 'toddler' or 'baby' things. A mish-mash of both!!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. I'm in the middle of writing my entry now. I love my Yummy Mummy Pink Lining bag but I think I need something smaller now that Joey has turned one.

    I love your little bag, it's pretty!

  4. What a cute bag! Very pretty xx

  5. Oh I really fancy this bag! I'm on the hunt for a smaller bag!

  6. I always take a change of clothes with me, my little one has occasionally had a messy accident! xx



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