Having recently given birth for the second time and preparing to pack that all important hospital bag again, you could say that I was more sensible this time round when it came to purchasing items for Harrisons first wardrobe. I find it so much easier shopping for baby boy clothes from Tesco than I ever did for Amelia however saying that there are lots of nice bits for girls these days too compared to when she was born. It can often be hard to know when to stop buying clothes for baby's first wardrobe, but with them growing so fast they will only wear an outfit a couple of times.
What to buy baby
If you are currently wondering what to buy for baby's first wardrobe here are a few of my favourite everyday essentials. These are essential clothing items that you'll want to have to hand before your baby's birth. If you're unsure of your baby's sex and kept it as a surprise or perhaps wanting to have more children in the future it can be a good idea to buy unisex clothing and colours that you don't mind dressing a boy or a girl in.

These items will get your through the first month:

Vests - Short or long-sleeved vests are great for layering. Short sleeved are perfect during the hotter months or layering underneath a sleep suit or t-shirt and the long sleeved are great to have for the colder months. They are great for holding nappies in place and keeping baby covered. 

Sleepsuits - Useful during night or day especially in the early newborn days it's easier to dress baby in a sleepsuit than having to faff around with a dress or chinos no matter how cute they look. Some sleepsuits come with built in mitts which are extremely handy if you have a scratcher! I'd recommend buying a few basic white sleepsuits for bedtime and having some cuter ones with patterns on for when visitors come round or if you're going out.

Socks - You'll want to purchase a fair few of these as they do often like to disappear. Find some with a stretch elastic band so they can't be kicked off as easily. 

Hat - A knit or cotton hat will be needed at the hospital after your baby is born. It's useful to have a couple of hats for the first week or so as baby's head needs to be kept cosy. You can usually buy babys first hat and mitten set from most shops.

Cardigan - For the cooler months a cardigan of some sort will usually be a must for layering over sleepsuits. 

Blankets - Babies tend to spend the majority of their early weeks wrapped in soft blankets. There are various types available from swaddle, wool, cellular and cotton. It's a good idea to purchase a few of these to alternate when in the washing machine. 

Bibs - To keep baby's clothes clean and dry you will need to invest in some bibs. These help soak up any spit ups, projectile vomit or any dribbles. 


Muslin cloths - There are so many uses for muslin cloths from mopping up baby sick, swaddling, a play mat, car seat over, sunshade you will find so many different uses. They are definitely worth investing in. 

Coat - Depending on time of year, it's a good idea to buy a coat especially in the winter. However as they will more than likely grow out of it pretty soon I'd only recommend buying one in the size you require. 

All in one - Again depending on time of year this is handy for dressing over baby's clothes and keeping them warm. They can be worn in the pram, car, and even baby carrier.

Sleeping bag/grobag - Again this is only optional as many parents choose not to use them. However if you do they can be used instead of blankets for sleeping. They come in various sizes and togs for different times of the year. They're great if your baby likes to kick off their blanket as they keep baby warm and theres no fear of the blanket covering baby in the night. 

Joggers/leggings - If you're wanting to dress your baby in something other than sleepsuits in the early days it's a good idea investing in a couple of pairs of joggers or leggings. They are easy to put on especially if you're worried about hurting baby whilst they're still so delicate. They can also be paired with some nice little t-shirts.

What clothing items did you find useful in those first few weeks?

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  1. We have so many clothes for Olivia. Leggings are great with a little t-shirt of just a vest. So much easier to change nappies rather than when they are wearing sleep suits.

  2. I just packed my hospital bag and have come to the conclusion that i have way too much newborn size clothes!! I hope she will be able to wear them all!

  3. Muslin cloths are a God send for baby spit up and sick. Mu mum bought those exact same sleepsuits for my baby when he was born. It's so sad to see them packed away in a box now.

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