It’s not easy to motivate a child who doesn’t want to do their homework or get good results at school. Sometimes the harder you try to motivate them the more they want to take their own approach. Don’t let the situation turn into a power struggle between you but instead try to inspire and influence your child and encourage them to motivate themselves. Ultimately the responsibility lies with them. We’re there to guide and help them. 

Be An Inspiring Parent 

Remember that children will usually want to do the exact opposite to what you want if you try and control them. So just relax and try to be an inspiring person instead of a controlling person. Think of someone who is inspirational to you. How do they inspire you and what do they do? Keep your relationship with your child open and respectful so that you work together rather than battling against each other. 

Hold Your Child Accountable and Provide Consequences 

By showing your child the consequences of their actions, or lack of actions, you’ll guide them in the right direction. You could start by showing them what will happen after they’ve done something they’re reluctant to do. ‘You’ll get to watch TV once you’ve done your homework’, for example, or ‘You can go on a sleepover if you do your chores for a week.’ Keep this structure in place so that your child knows what to expect. You could use a reward chart if this would be appropriate for your child’s age. 

Discover What Motivates Your Child 

What is your child really passionate about? There will be something that motivates your child it just might not be what you think it should be. Your job is to find out what it is and work out how to use this to your advantage, and theirs! Chances are they are highly motivated when it comes to being with their friends, being on social media, playing video games or listening to music. Depending on their current motivation, try and make them see how much easier/better/more fun their future will be if they get on with some work now. What motivates your child will no doubt change so keep an eye on it. 

Create the Right Environment 

Only the most motivated children would be able to study and keep focused in a chaotic, noisy, disorganised house. Create a quiet, organised study space for your child, preferably somewhere close to where you’ll be so you can guide them if required. Make sure it’s away from noisy distractions. You could put a schedule of study on the wall and help your child fill it in so that they stay focussed on small chunks of study. 

Hire a Private Tutor 

A student who is struggling can become quickly demoralised in the classroom. They may feel uninspired by the subject itself or their teacher or peers. If you have tried addressing the issues to no avail the answer could lie in private tuition. A session or two a week with a private tutor will help replenish lost confidence and maintain focus. Let an agency, such as Fleet Tutors, help you find the right tutor for your child. Whether they are struggling in Maths, English, Science or any other subject, there will be a tutor who can bring out the best in their abilities and get them motivated again. Often all it takes is a change in teaching style and some individual teaching time. 

* In collaboration with Fleet Tutors

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