Whether you are married, in a long-term relationship or just starting out with the guy in your life, the time will come when you want to buy him a present that really means something. When anniversaries and birthdays roll around, the last thing you want is to give your guy something that they have gotten from someone else, or that they can’t use. This is why the best gifts for your loved one are ones they can use to improve their life, as when they later look at how far they have come, they will be able to attribute this change to you and what you have given them. Here are some of the top gifts you can give to the man in your life.

An electronic cigarette kit

For many smokers, the idea of quitting is an almost impossible dream. Electronic cigarettes make the process of quitting that much easier, offering a way to cut down on the nicotine addiction, whilst still have something to do with their hands that makes the psychological addiction easier to bear. If you buy a full kit, your guy will be able to use it until they have kicked the habit altogether.  

A tailored suit

A properly tailored suit is a dream gift for many guys, even if they don’t work in an office or have to own a suit. Every man looks amazing in a suit that is designed to fit them properly, so buy a voucher that will allow your guy to get a made-to-measure suit .  

A gym membership 

Perhaps get a gym membership for you both so that you can go together, or pick up a membership tailored to building up strength and fitness. A gym membership may not seem like the most romantic gift, but when your man feels the change in his body and life, he will be thrilled. 

A tablet 

This may again seem like a gift that doesn't hold much romance, but a tablet can be used to organise his entire life. Plus, if you customise it with pictures and a cover that means something to you both, he will think about you whenever he uses it.  

An experience 

You can buy an experience day package to let him try something exciting; you could be inventive and choose an experience that you know your man would love to try but would never spend the money on himself, such as skydiving or paragliding. Make it part of a holiday for a truly memorable experience. 

What is the most recent gift you bought for your man?

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  1. Experience days are amazing, a friend of mine booked their partner in for helicopter lessons for his birthday a few years back, he said it was one such an experience, totally want to try it! Oh and hot air balloon rides, there's always loads around where I live, would be perfect at sunset! x

  2. I always find Keith SO difficult to buy for, he's not in to sports, technology, gadgets, fashion or anything like that! Experience Days and aftershave are always a good choices i find xxx
    Love From Mummy - UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog

  3. I would love the fitbit for myself ha ha!
    The last thing I bought my partner was an ipad keyboard and it was rubbish!


  4. I really never know what to offer. It's always a pain because he never tells what he wants.
    I've been thinking of the experiences, great idea and the tailored suit (very expensive for now).

    Thanks for the ideas.
    xx Marta


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