As the clocks go forward and the days become longer, the housing market also springs into action. The warmer weather provides the opportunity show your home off in the best light, with your garden coming into bloom and the sun (hopefully) out for longer. 

Moving home is a big step and as there’s a lot to think about at any time of the year, security can become an after thought. With this in mind, the security specialists at Yale have put together some key things you should consider when planning your spring relocation, with top tips on securing your new home.

Moving out? 

If you’re moving out, you want to leave the house as organised as possible for the next residents. 

Obviously, you’ll deal with keys through the estate agent, but make sure you get every last set; that one you left with the neighbour last time you went away, or the one you gave to a friend in case you ever found yourself locked out… You don’t want the responsibility of knowing you’ve still got the keys to what is now someone else’s house! 

Moving in? 

Equally are you confident that the previous owner or tenant handed all their keys back? 

They may have forgotten to retrieve a spare key from tradesmen, or if they’d ever left a key under the doormat or in a plant pot, it’s possible that someone could have made a copy and returned it to the hiding place, where no one will ever know it went missing… 

According to a recent survey, 74 percent of homeowners do not change the locks after moving home*, which is a worrying statistic, especially as many home insurance policies will not pay out if an intruder lets themselves in using a key. 

Statistics show around 5%* of home burglaries occur every year because the intruder has a key so, to make sure you are the only one enjoying your new home, we recommend you change your front and back door lock cylinders when you move into your new property. 

By changing the rim cylinder in a nightlatch, or the euro profile cylinder in a multipoint lock, your home can be secure in minutes, without you having to change the entire lock or door. When you replace your cylinder, we strongly recommend you spend a little bit more and go for a  British Standard lock.  By upgrading your cylinder to one conforming to  TS007 you can be assured that your home has the very latest security protection, for added peace of mind. This is also the standard that many insurance companies require as part of minimum security measures to validate your policy. 

To keep your new memories yours. Yale it. 

*Yale UK

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