Spring is finally starting to burst through the dark clouds that have served as the British sky for the past few months . We’ve had a flurry of daffodils brightening parks and gardens with vibrant yellow petals, weekends warm enough for shorts, and enough sunshine to warrant sunglasses. 

While you might have already taken to some spring cleaning, now is the time to start thinking about some spring styling for your home.

Here are three ways to style and refresh your home for the bright new seasons ahead:

1. Add a little floral touch to your home

Part of the joy of spring is the influx of local, fresh flowers. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they bring with them sweet and natural scents. 

Even if you don’t have a garden of your own to collect flowers from, your local markets are sure to be abundant with choices. Some stunning spring flowers to watch out for include: spring crocuses, tulips and hyacinths. 

Decorate your kitchen table, living room and bedrooms with whichever fresh flowers you can find. You might even be able to find some cute vases at market stalls or car boot sales while others are busy getting around to their own spring cleaning. 

2. Select a feature rug to refresh a room 

Feature rugs are a great way to make a big splash in a room without having to undergo a big overhaul. With sunlight making your rooms look bright and inviting even during the evenings, you’ll want your entertaining spaces to look their best. 

A statement patterned rug, such Bazaar Velvet’s designer rug Splash No4 Original will add a pop of bright, primary colours. Simple and yet striking, it sets a fun, frivolous tone to a room. Perfect for a party atmosphere. 

Alternatively, consider a single hue rug such as cream or pale gold, or a simple and refreshing and cooling rug in a pale blue to offer aquatic freshness. 

3. Declutter everything you can: dump it or donate it 

It’s time to clear the decks before the summer entertaining begins. Even if you made it through spring without cleaning, now is the time to get rid of anything that you don’t need. 

Decluttering means throwing away that old chair that’s probably past its prime, disposing of the stacks of free magazines you collected, and generally just getting rid of bulky items in your house that you always meant to give away or scrap. 

Not only will you probably end up creating much more space, you’ll also be giving your home a lovely refresh. 

If you have any books, toys, DVDs, clothes or other undamaged items that you don’t want but could be useful to someone else, take them to a local charity shop. We often forget that charity shops can only profit from donated items and many suffer from low stocks. Help your local community by going the extra mile and dropping off some donations.

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  1. Flowers are definitely the thing for me, add flowers to a room and it instantly feels like spring! x

  2. Flowers are huge for me and I don't think I go a week without buying them for the house in spring and summer. Love that kitchen above, unrelated but it's like my dream kitchen all white and a sitting place for guests while you cook. I love styling my home for each season and we are about to do a easter home decor with the kids tomorrow.

  3. Those lights. i have a smaller version in my kitchen. Love them so much.
    decluttering is key for us, we collect it like crazy.


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