HELLO 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great time celebrating with friends and family. At the start of every year I always sit down to look back on the previous year and reflect. Did I achieve everything I wanted to that previous year and then I set goals for the upcoming year. Of course, come February or March most of these have gone out the window but it's always nice to start off the year with a good start and a bit of motivation! So here are my goals for 2015! 

Save money

This is something I aim to do every year and usually fail! I've been a bit better with my money over the past couple of years and can save when I put my mind to it so this year I really want to keep at it and build some savings up. One way of doing this is by using a money tin which you can't open unless you use a can opener to do so and I tend to find this a good way to save as I'm not tempted to open it and take money out when needed. I've also decided to do the 52 week money challenge which I came across last year on Facebook and will try and give it a go this year. I'm not sure how much I will put in each week yet but even if it was £20 I'd have just short of £1000 at the end of the year. 

Cook more & don't waste food

This was one of my goals last year and I didn't really stick to it! Instead of cooking the 3-5 meals a week I had planned to I usually only cook once or twice a week which really needs to change! I waste so much food each week its unreal, I really need to meal plan and budget better and one way of doing that is to sit down and work out what to eat each day for the week or month ahead. I really do think that it will help and stop me from wasting so much money. I've been a member of many budgeting and slow cooker groups on Facebook for a while now which are great for tips and meal ideas! 

Stay organised

I'm really determined to keep the house in order this year, I'm not really the tidiest or most organised person and having a toddler makes me even more lazy. However once I'm back into a routine after the little one is born I would like to set up a cleaning rota in place to help keep the house organised. This will hopefully help me keep on top of things and be a more organised person over all. 

Switch off from social media

This is something I really need to do, switch off from social media more often and just quality time with my family. I have become better at it, I no longer sit on my laptop all night like I used to if Andy is home and I spend less time on it during the day time too. This way I can spend more time with the kids, playing with them and giving them my whole attention. As lets face it social media does tend to take over without you realising it! 

Get out more

I think this is more to do with confidence but I would like to get of the house more especially when baby boy is here. I remember when Amelia was born I would hide away indoors most of the time unless I went out with Andy or my Mum. So this year I'd like to get out more, take the kids to the park, go to the beach, and just enjoy being outdoors! 

Get back in shape

I lost all of the weight I put on whilst pregnant with Amelia pretty much as soon as I gave birth but I still had the mummy tummy which was down to not exercising and eating unhealthy. This time round I'd like to get back into shape a lot quicker and work out at home. Ideally I'd like to achieve this by the summer but for someone who likes food, in particularly junk food and takeaways this may be a little harder! 

Go on holiday this year

Last year we went on two holidays but they weren't our usually family holiday abroad at the end of the year like we had done the two previous years as I was heavily pregnant. This year we would love to go back to the Caribbean for two weeks and will be looking at booking a holiday soon so we have something to look forward to. 

What are your New Year resolutions/goals if any? 

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  1. I started meal planning around the middle of the year and Ive never looked back! Each week, I go through the cupboards, fridge and freezer to see what I already have and then plan my weekly menu around whatever is in. This means my shopping bill is low and Im using up all foods so reducing waste!
    Within a few weeks, I had got the hang of it and now I'm a pro!
    Its the way forward and I will always do it from now on :)

  2. I saw that saving thing week by week and I set up a pot for myself, Amelia and Paul! All wishful thinking that we will fill all three, but wouldn't it be grey if I could!!xx

  3. I'm determined to try meal planning this year as for me, it's so easy to just forget about food until late in the evening, then grab something (or order something) unhealthy. Happy New Year and fingers crossed you reach your 2015 goals :)

  4. Your goals are similar to mine lets hope we both make it this year? xox


  5. Mine are all organisational, and mainly for my blog! Also savings too are pretty important to us as well.

    Hope you don't have to wait much longer for little one too!!

    Kay | www.mummyburgess.co.uk xxx

  6. Meal planning and freezing things in batches makes it so much easier for me and cheaper! We always have something in the freezer we can pul out if we're skint! haha! I'm starting doing more videos & posts about it if you're interested :) x

  7. Happy New Year lovely- your goals are very similar to mine, especially the switching off part. I have got a lot better, I have a few nights off a week now whereas before I was on my laptop all night, but I want to get better with my phone, I just absentmindedly browse! x

  8. Great resolutions! Money is a big one for me as we have a car loan I'm aiming to pay off this year. The cooking one is great BUT you are going to have a new baby - if you end up living off takeaways then give yourself a break and try again next year :) x


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