It’s no secret that we as a national are pretty crazy about our tea. Whether you like it strong, milky, without sugar or basically like syrup, nothing beats a perfect cuppa. 

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for someone special, why not utilise their love of tea as part of the present buying process? We’ve come up with 8 great ideas to help you out along the way to show you some of the great tea-inspired gifts out there. 

1. A mug 

To start us off, we thought we’d start with the obvious, but a great idea nonetheless! After all, a tea without a mug is basically just a mess. You could look for ones with a quote on it that reminds you of them, or you could get a photo-upload mug complete with special photos of the two of you on, so that they’ll always think of you every time they have a tea break. 

2. A tea-related quote print 

There are loads of quotes about tea, so it’s all about finding your favourite, and then you can find a print with it on - it will look great in your loved ones kitchen hanging over the kettle! 

3. A teapot 

The teapot – the solution to all of life’s problems. If your loved one is a true tea fanatic and is always entertaining, they could no doubt really benefit from a teapot to save having to make endless trips back to the kitchen for refills. 

4. Some unusual tea 

Help your loved one branch out on the types of tea they drink by purchasing a selection box of weird and wonderful teas from around the globe. There’s some info on this great infographic about the main types of teas (amongst some other interesting info) if you’d like some help picking different tea. 

5. A tea maker 

It’s not all kettles and teapots these days – if your loved one is into more high tech gadgets, a cool tea maker is a great idea to add to their kitchen. Or, if your budget is a little more modest, things like a carafe are a great alternative. 

6. Tea-related jewellery 

Yes that’s right – you can even find tea-related jewellery these days. From tea cup necklaces to tea charms for bracelets, after a few clicks on Google you’ll be amazed at the amount of tea-related things you can adorn yourself with! 

7. A tea spoon 

Ideal for sugar fiends in particular is to purchase your loved one a special tea spoon. You could even look into getting engraved silver options which make this much more exciting and actually a really great, unique present that they’ll cherish forever. 

8. A perfect tea accompaniment 

Or how about something to go with their tea? Some posh biscuits are a great idea, as are fancy cakes or basically anything to satisfy their sweet tooth and to help them enjoy their tea break just that little bit more! 

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  1. I love all the tea prints that are around, too many to choose from. I love a nice cup of tea :) x

  2. blue bird tea is amazing!


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