For a while now I have been debating whether to have a living room make-over especially with the New Year approaching, however with the arrival of baby boy any day now I don't really want to get stuck into anything as then I'll be itching to have it all finished. Recently I have really been loving the black and white monochrome decor and would love to add more of it to our living room. I've been wanting new cushions for months now and i think that's what has started me off on this idea. 

Amelia's play area doesn't really need much changing to it, although I would like to make it look tidier as she now has far too many toys which seem to take up half of the living room. I will buy more storage cubes to keep her toys out of sight and these will be black and white. I'm also thinking of buying a toy box/blanket box which will go under the window bay to keep the rest of the toys in that way her play corner won't be cluttered and we can have more floor space, plus it will be easier to clean up at the end of the day. 

I'd love to paint the walls a lighter shade perhaps an off white as they have been magnolia since we moved in. As much as I don't mind them I would like the room to be a little brighter and the white would go better with the interior. I also need to get a ton of photographs printed, I'm terrible for printing them off and have many frames which are empty around the house. We also received a lovely white wooden photo frame which I can't wait to put up and add lots of photo's of both children. 

So, those are my plans. I guess we will see if I actually decide to go ahead with it, especially with the little one due it may be added to the bottom of my to-do list for a couple of months. I just really fancy a change after having the cosy country decor since we moved in.


Zig Zag Cushion
Black & White Cushion
Cream Cushion
Black Floor Lamp
Wall Clock
Stag Wall Decoration
Wooden Lantern
White Wooden Toy Box
Fabric Storage Cubes
Ikea Kallax Unit
Houndstooth Knitted Throw
Knitted Pouffe (Similar)

What do you think of my black and white living room plans?

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