Everyone is busy; there are pets to feed, children to get to school and the latest series on Netflix to watch. Therefore, it is inevitable that we will forget a friend or loved ones birthday from time to time. It’s not that you care any less about them but some things bound are to slip your mind. Anyway all is not lost here, are some tips on what to do when you miss a friend’s special day. 

Social Media Charm Offensive 

A simple happy birthday plus smiley face on Facebook will not cut it with most close friends if you’ve missed their important day. You need to pull out all the stops: Post up rare footage of your friends favourite band on their timeline; try and get a celebrity to retweet a birthday message; create a heartfelt video on Snapchat. The possibilities are endless and you won’t even have to go to the 24-hour garage. 

Florist Delivery 

There are plenty of florist websites that can get you out of jail in times like this. An Online flower delivery with Flowers Same Day or similar service can get you back in the good books – just add a simple ‘Happy Belated Birthday’ message to the bouquet. 

Be Creative 

If it’s really too late and you can’t get to a card shop, a homemade card and present will make amends for any tardiness. If it’s been your own birthday recently you could even re-fashion a card from your own stock. There are plenty of ideas around the internet in this area. 

Delay the celebration 

Your friend’s favourite restaurant is only a phone call away. Make a booking for one night in the next few days and tell your friend you assumed they would be busy on the day of their birthday and invite them for a meal. Similarly, a ticket for the cinema or theatre works a treat. 

Tell a White Lie 

Strictly speaking you haven’t forgotten the birthday completely. A next day delivery should remedy the situation and then you can blame the courier company on the lateness of the present. Depending on how awesome the gift is, this should smooth things over nicely. 

Be Honest 

On the other hand, if your friend is a human lie detector, honesty may be the best policy. Apologise unreservedly and use one of the less deceptive tips above and all will be forgiven. 

If none of these tips nor grovelling help, the only thing which is going to help the situation is time. Give your friend a week or so to cool off and hopefully things will go back to normal. It might be an idea to set up a few reminders for next year, however.

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  1. I forget everyone's birthday. They're all used to it now! x


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