I recently decided to start a new mini series called On Amelia's Bookshelf where we will share our favourite children's books along with a short description and photo of them. I'll be honest Amelia was never much of a book lover until recently, and that's probably my fault. As she never really had a routine at such she would fall asleep on me and I would take her up to bed. Now after bath time we sit down together in her reading corner and read a few books before climbing into bed. Amelia now loves reading books and I have so much fun choosing new ones for her, she loves picking out her own now that she is more independent and I'm glad that she enjoys reading them. 

I like finding books that are beautifully illustrated but also unique. She does have many learning books which are on her bookcase but I like to display these ones in her reading corner. I often get asked which books are our absolute favourites and what books I would recommend for babies or toddlers. It's so hard to narrow it down because we have so many favourites however I thought this series would be great to share which books we read the most and which ones sit on her shelves in the reading corner. I do like to switch her books around with the ones on her bookcase and her Christmas, Easter, and Valentines collections however these are the ones which remain favourites. 

Today I am sharing a quick list of what's currently on her bookshelf:

Top shelf Left to right

How To Catch A Star
Up And Down
Mr Tiger Goes Wild
Lost & Found

Middle Shelf Left to Right

A Bit Lost 
The Way Back Home 
The Gruffalo
This Is Not My Hat 

Bottom Shelf Left to Right 

Flora And The Flamingo 
I Want My Hat Back
This Moose Belongs To Me 
The Hungry Caterpillar 
Alice In Wonderland 
Oh No George!

So thats what's on Amelia's bookshelf, I will be sharing more about each of our favourite books over the coming weeks and months, especially with Halloween and Christmas coming up expect to see even more books! 

What is your toddler's current favourite book?

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  1. Some familiar covers. Amy is currently obsessed with Stick Man and The Day The Crayons Quit - great box. Just not every evening ;)

  2. So many of these books I have never heard of - off to google. Thanks for the ideas x

  3. This sounds great. The books sound great :)
    L x

  4. Love this post, will have to take a closer look at some of these for Darcie. I just can't resist children's books they are so beautiful and magical!

    Kay xxx


  5. I really need to get Thomas some new books

  6. I love the Oliver Jeffers books :)

  7. Mine are far too old now, but we LOVED Hairy McLary and also Mr Wolf's pancakes (so funny!)

  8. Love this idea Kerry and would you believe we have EVERY SINGLE ONE of the books on there! x


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