Toddler Favourites: 2 Years

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Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great weekend so far. Today I've put together our favourite items since Amelia has turned two. These are items that we have been using every day or on a regular basis over the past few months.

1. As we are currently potty training a potty is needed. I found this one very interesting as it had the night light which would be perfect when Amelia wakes up in the night. 

2. We bought Amelia her play kitchen for Christmas before she turned two however she didn't really pay much attention to it, recently she has been playing with it more and actually using her imagination and cooking etc. Definitely well worth the money and I can see it being used for many years. 

3. I recently reviewed this toothbrush and Amelia has been using it for the past couple of weeks now, we absolutely love it. 

4. This was one of Amelia's 2nd birthday presents, she loves drawing and typing away on my laptop so I thought it would make the perfect present. She loves scribbling away on it and even sits down and pretend she's on the laptop like me. 

5. We have been huge fans of flossy shoes ever since Amelia has been able to walk around 10 months old. She has so many pairs of theses in different colours and sizes, they are great little shoes for pairing up with outfits and easy to slip on and off. Amelia even puts them on herself. 

6. This was another Christmas present which gets used every day, whether that's to eat at, draw, climb on or scribble all over it's very well used. I'm glad I bought a cheap table and chair set as she always draws all over it and even though you can wipe it clean the wood is now covered in coloured pens and crayons. 

7. We have a few of these cooler cups with lids and straws in the cupboard for Amelia. She doesn't tend to throw these around spilling the juice like she usually does with her other cups. They're also great when out and about too. 

8. When we moved Amelia into her toddler bed at 20 months old we opted for this wooden bed guard as I wanted something that wouldn't look too out of place and go with her decor in the bedroom. We've had no accidents yet and she doesn't try and climb over it which is great. 

What are your toddlers current favourite items? 

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  1. I absolutely adore that kitchen. Where was it from

  2. I love that toothbrush great post
    L x

  3. I want those shoes and toothbrush for my girls!
    Great post x

  4. Loving the look of that potty! We're going through the motions of potty training and seemingly failing... one day she seems like she has got it the next she looks at me blankly like I have gone mad!

    kay xxx


  5. We have a wooden Ikea playkitchen that all three of mine have used and loved... still going strong ready for number four!

  6. i love your blog so much! need to folow it asap :)
    but anyways , i have never seen and now i need it , the wooden laptop , what a great thing!


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