Make Reading Fun

Amelia has recently started to read more over the past few months and will now sit down and pick books off her shelves and read them either with me or on her own. To help encourage her love of books, a few months ago I made a book wall using some ikea picture ledges which is now one of my favourite parts of her room. There are so many fabulous ideas on book storage for children's rooms, I wanted to create a nice reading nom for Amelia for the next how many years we live here. 

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite colourful and fun bookcases and shelves for toddlers and children which are great for small spaces and some are more affordable than others. 

Trade Furniture have a great range of bookcases as well as cubed furniture which is great for storage solutions in children's bedrooms. The wooden dolls pram is a great way to store books in a little girls room and can be sat next to a reading area filled with their favourite books.

2. Dotty Doll's House Bookcase
3. Ikea Picture Ledges
4. Letter A Bookcase
5. Wooden Dolls Pram
6. Tidy Bookcase
7. Cube Storage Boxes
8. Storage Boxes

How do you like to make reading fun in your house?

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  1. Ive got Ophelia the red version of that pram in preparation for when she is old enough to enjoy it! I love those shelf ideas and will definitely be remembering them for when im planning her room! xx

  2. I love the A shape bookcase. Would look great in Abby's room!

  3. Great idea! I wonder if I can get a H
    L x

  4. We have a TidyBooks bookcase and book shelves in the bedrooms and a pull along cart of books downstairs. You can never have too many books! x

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  6. I love the bookcase! (number 2) its gorgeous, they have one similar to this from next thats on my wish list if you fancy a peek. Stephaniejayne-xo.blogspot.co.uk


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