Five Great Things To Do With Your Kids

Thanks to their apparently boundless energy, occasionally limited attention spans and insatiable curiosity, finding enough activities to entertain the kids can be a challenge. Luckily, there are some activities that every child will love, especially when you get the chance to do them together as a family. So, if you’ve got a long weekend coming up or are looking for a little inspiration for the summer break, here are five great things to do with your kids that are guaranteed to entertain every time.

1. Cooking 

However old you are, there’s something magical about the cooking process. If your little ones are new to cooking, start them off with a few easy bakes like cookies and shortbread before working your way up slowly to more advanced dishes and cookery techniques. 

By getting your kids involved with cooking early, not only will you have a helpful pair of little hands in the kitchen, but you can also kick start their interest in food and teach them valuable skills for the future

2. Going for a walk 

When you’re a child, it’s often the simplest things that can be the most fun. Even going for a walk can be full of adventure and excitement for little ones, especially if you can make up stories about the surrounding countryside or visit some interesting sites along the way. 

If it’s a windy afternoon, liven up your walk by bringing a kite along and adding some extra activity to the day. 

3. Visiting a farm 

If you’re within easy reach of a good quality family farm, a visit to see all of the animals can make a great day out. 

Most farms across the country run special events throughout the year to allow kids to get even closer to the animals so check their website and plan your visit accordingly. Farms can be much more hands-on than zoos and the entry fees are likely to be cheaper too! 

4. Building a fort 

If it’s rainy and cold outside, there are few better family activities that staying in and building a fort. 

Transform your living room or your child’s bedroom into a fortress using sheets, sofa cushions and anything else you have lying around. But remember, it’s your imagination that’s the most powerful tool so make sure you get into the spirit of the occasion. 

5. Go on holiday 

Ok, so this one may not be an activity that you can accomplish in an afternoon, but going on holiday with your children is one of the most fun things you can do as a family. 

As budgets are normally a consideration, remember that all kids really care about is having fun. To them a campsite in North Yorkshire can be just as exciting as a hotel in the South of France, so there’s no need to spend a fortune. 

If you still need a little more inspiration for family-friendly activities, the McCarthy & Stone Facebook page has plenty of interesting posts like this, which also look at great activities that grandparents can also take part in. They can also help any older members of your family connect with like-minded individuals in their local area.

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  1. Building forts is definitely something we need to do more of! x

  2. I agree with Donna building forts is a timeless classic we have bunk beds now so we have a solid frame work to build with now !!!!

  3. Cooking & baking is our go-to activity on long days. Right now I'm obsessed with making muffins...and John's obsessed with eating them!

  4. We play out scenes from what my daughter has seen on TV, its so funny and she loves it. She also loves it when we make fairy cakes and the old favourite of getting to lick the bowl etc, tests me though as when I see the mixture all over her hands, face and hair I just want to clean her after every lick!


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