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Favourite Newborn/Baby Products

Do you ever find yourself browsing the baby section of online stores and adding items to future wish lists? I often find myself doing just that. I thought I would put together a little mood board of some of my favourite items that I will be buying for baby number two sometimes in the future - hopefully!

1. Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets - I didn't find out about these until Amelia was about 1 years old so we wouldn't have got much use out of them. I have been eyeing them up ever since and can't wait to buy some for baby number two someday. They have cute designs and are perfect for swaddle blankets, as a blanket and for cleaning spit up. 

2. Babybay Co-sleeper - Having co-slept with Amelia until she was at least 18 months old and she still climbs into bed with us most nights when she wakes up, I know that I definitely will be investing in a co-sleeper for any future babies, I was far too nervous to move Amelia into her own room and having her next to me added some security. I have seen the arms reach co-sleeper, however I prefer the look of this one as it's wooden. 

3. Stokke Tripp Trapp - Again another product which I didn't find out about until Amelia was much older so I didn't really see the point in buying it just for the sake of it. I really like the look of the Tripp Trapp and will be buying one with the newborn/baby seat for when we start weaning. 

4. Newborn pillow - When I was pregnant with Amelia I searched high and low for a boppy pillow which seem to most popular in the US. I wasn't able to get one shipped over here was was rather annoying, however I've recently seen many similar pillows for newborns. These are great for propping baby up on, helping them sit up and also for feeding. 

5. Motorola MBP36 Camera Digital Video Baby Monitor - We had the Tommee Tippee sensor mat baby monitor with Amelia, although we didn't use it until she was 1 years old or for the occasional nap time if we were able to get her down in her cot it was one of the best investments I bought! Sadly it's now broken so we would need to buy a new monitor if we have any more babies. I really like the though of a video baby monitor just for that added security and maybe then I wouldn't be so nervous about having baby in the cot from an early age. 

6. I love Jelly Cat products, they're just so cute and perfect for baby gifts. We have a few of their soft toy rabbits from when Amelia was a baby and they're still in great condition. 

7. Dr Brown's Bottles - Hopefully I will be able to breastfeed again in the future however if baby doesn't take to it or I decide to express then we will be buying the Dr Brown's Natural Flow bottles. I have a few of their regular ones from when Amelia was younger but would love to buy their special edition ones which are now available in bright pink, blue, purple and even green! 

8. Sophie The Giraffe - Of course every baby has a teether, and our favourite by far was Sophie. I will definitely be buying another as I cannot praise them enough! 

9. Nuna Leaf rocker - We still have Amelia's bouncer/rocker in the attic however it's a bit worn out and I'd rather buy new items. I came across this baby rocker by Nuna which looks amazing, I really do like their unique designs and colours available! I love how modern it looks compared to other rockers. The chair also lasts up until your baby is a toddler or even in pre-school.

Do you have any favourite baby items?

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  1. We never had a Sophie! It's so iconic of baby-hood that I'm sad I've never had one! x

  2. Aden & Anais Muslins/swaddled are great,we had these and the same monitor you have featured. Feeding pillows are a must,I used mine when Amelia got bigger for propping her upright when sitting!

  3. trip trap highchairs are amazing we have one and i love it as it grows with your baby and comes in so many lovely colours you should definatly get one next time

  4. Digital Video Baby Monitor looks very helpful to you guys and the bunny is so cute.

  5. I wish I had researched more before I had Holly. I would have loved a co sleeper
    L x

  6. I love the pink stoke!

    You may appreciate this "Body after baby - shit they don't tell you." (link below)


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  8. I appreciate your thoughts. Provided information is very useful and all products are pretty and beautiful.
    I like Baby bay Co-sleeper very much.

  9. Even though I already have a little girl who's 2, I am now finding myself starting all over again with the baby buys for baby no.2 due end of december. Loved your suggestions, I am thinking of getting them baby monitors. Ceri xx

  10. I love Nuna Leaf Rocker, because it is useful, you can use it while feeding a baby/toddler, while letting baby to sleep, it also looks very durable.

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