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Degustabox Review | May

We recently received a lovely box of goodies from Degustabox. If you haven't heard of Degustabox before, they are a monthly subscription box which includes between 10 and 15 new products each month to discover. You will receive food products from well known brands each month and range from sweet to savoury, including drinks and fresh ingredients as well as many products which you've never picked up in the supermarket. I love getting a surprise and could't wait for it to arrive to see what goodies we had in store! 

Here’s a look at what was included in the May Degustabox:

As soon as I had opened the box I was immediately drawn towards the kettle crisps and the Apple Cawston drink. There were a few brands which I recognised but many which I didn't and was looking forward to trying out their products. 

1 x Cirio Tomato Puree – RRP £1.10

I've not come across this brand before but it's always nice to find new alternative ingredients to use. 

1 x 500g pack of Garofalo Penne Pasta – RRP £1.89

This was the first item I saw when opening the box, I've seen the brand in the supermarket before but have never been tempted to purchase it as we just buy the cheaper stuff. But I think I will have to buy this every once in a while as it's a nice treat. I enjoyed making the pasta dish and used the recipe card included in the box. 

1 x Cirio Passata – RRP £1.35

Again, I hadn't seen this in the supermarket but really enjoyed cooking with it and the pasta dish turned out amazing. The tomato flavouring in this has such a fruity kick, i'll definitely be looking out for this when I do the food shop next. 

1 x Kettle Sweet Potato Chips – RRP £2.49

I'm a huge fan of kettle crisps but have never tried sweet potato crisps so I was a little apprehensive trying these but they were actually really nice! Even Andy liked them too. 

1 x Lizi’s Granola – RRP £1.29

I haven't tried this yet as I'm not really a fan or granola or the other bits which are in this packet but I've kept it in the cupboard for one of those days when I've ran out of everything else so I will give it ago then. I've not heard of Lizi's but really do like the idea of the breakfast on the go and you only need to add water! 

1 x Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Flutes – RRP £2.59

These chocolates are seriously amazing! I've always liked matchsticks and similar products and these are the posh version. I've not really been a fan of dark cocoa chocolate but they were too good not to eat. 

2 x Packs of Raw Energy Chewing Gum – RRP £1.98 (99p each)

I'd not heard of or seen these in the shops before so was rather interested to try them. I'm not a huge fan of chewing gum as I'm not keen on the minty ones but these are really nice! They taste just like energy drinks and they're much healthier! I take them to work with me to give me a boost of energy in the mornings. 

1 x Can of Cloudy Apple Cawston Press – RRP £1.00

I'd not heard of the brand Cawston before but the packaging instantly drew me in, and I was eager to try this. I have a rather unhealthy addiction to fizzy drinks and have been trying to find one which isn't as sugary as pepsi and Dr Pepper. This sparking apple drink is very refreshing and crisp I can't wait to buy some more!

1 x Dr Oetker Cake Releasing Spray – RRP £2.28

I've not used this yet but do have another cake releasing spray in the kitchen so I'm interested to see if this is better being a well known brand. 

1 Pack of Taylors of Harrogate Blackberry & Elderflower Tea – RRP £2.99

I don't drink tea or coffee so haven't tried these and have given them to my mum to try so I shall have to find out what she thinks. I have kept a few packs behind so I will try them someday. You may be thinking they're rather pricey for tea bags but they are high quality and a great brand. 

2 x Hornsby’s Cider – RRP £2.50

I don't really drink alcohol anymore since I breastfeed and I don't drink cider so Andy very happily sampled these for me. He really enjoyed both of them and said the strawberry and lime was his favourite. He would definitely buy them again and said they're great for the summer. 

Overall I was very impressed with this months Degustabox and the contents of the box came to around £21 which is pretty good value as the box itself costs £12.99 including postage. The great thing about Degustabox is that there is no commitment and you can simply stop your subscription when ever you wish.

To sign up yourself for next months box please visit www.degustabox.co.uk and I have a discount code which will give you £3.00 off when signing up. Just enter VQA2G at the checkout!

Disclaimer: We were sent a Degustabox for the purpose of this review. As always all reviews are 100% honest. 

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  1. Awesome blog Kerry. I’m going to send you an email this week about a baby topic I’m researching.

  2. I've been really getting into subscription boxes its a tad addictive actually! loved the review looks really good i may have to give this box a go :) feel free to follow my blog also would really appreciate :) claire x

  3. Love this!! Not often u see a box for food. They are all beauty
    L x

  4. I've seen this floating about online but this is the first time I've seen a review etc.

    The name puts me off to be honest, however having read though your review I'm actually a little bit tempted!! The more I think about it, the more I think it is actually a great idea and a good way of trying new things. Also cider = big hit!

  5. I tried Degustabox for a couple of months and it's very exciting getting the delivery and then opening to find what lurks inside the box. I'm tempted to get a few more as I love the surprises!

  6. The cider sounds lovely!


  7. My mum would love the fruit tea.

  8. Always wondered what was in these. The name name is very unappealing as it sounds too much like disgust/disgusting.

  9. I agree with the previous comment. I think it's an unfortunate choice of name...it should be delightabox, or something similar.

  10. The scheme sounds really interesting and definitely something for a foodie like me who is looking to try new things all the time :) thanks for the review!

  11. This looks like a great idea for trying out new products, might have to sign up :)

  12. I've always wondered what was in one of those boxes. Like others here, the name sort've put me off. But actually, it sounds truly inventive, and now I would love to try one (or more). What a clever way to promote new products :)

  13. interesting, fun getting surprises in the post!

  14. Would love to try a degustabox! Becky Duffy

  15. Good selection in this box...

  16. Penelope Harper9 June 2014 at 21:20

    I'm sorry but I can't get past the name - It sounds too much like Disgust a Box - :) Mind you I am quite impressed to see whats in it.

  17. I'd love to try a Degustabox! x


  18. i would love to try a degustabox!

  19. Love the idea of these. I particularly love the idea of the cider! haha!

  20. looks like a nice selection :)

  21. All the contents look yummy!


  22. I love Degustabox, been having it for a few months now, it's great

  23. This looks like some I will have to look into! Thanks for the detailed post! Have to say I am an pop addict aswell & the Apple Cawston Press looks like something I HAVE to try!

  24. This seems like a cool idea, im off to look into it a bit more, would make a change for my postie to bring me goodies instead of boring old bills xx

  25. I'm still really sceptical on the value for money with these kind of things.

  26. never seen these before will have to investigate xx

  27. Love Degustabox, really worth the money

  28. I really want to try Degustabox. The contents looks amazing :) and I love surprises :)


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