Future Bedroom Plans

Ever since we moved into our new home back in September we have been decorating the rooms one room at a time but never really completed any of them apart from Amelia's. Our bedroom is currently a mix of shabby chic and oak wood furniture as I managed to buy all new items other than the wardrobe. I really can't wait until it's all done and I don't have to worry about getting the house in order. To tell you the truth I don't really like the look of normal standing wardrobes, I think they take up a large part of the room and it can be hard to match the rest of your room with it. 

Which is why I have recently been looking at bespoke sliding door wardrobes for all of our bedrooms. I have always wanted sliding wardrobes and ever since I moved into my very first apartment many years ago I have been lusting over them. Although there was no point wasting money on them back then as I moved a year later. When we finally own a house of our own I will most definitely be building some sliding wardrobes in all our our bedrooms. I think they make the room look a lot less cluttered and allows you to store everything away nicely. 

I can already imagine what they would look like and think the sliding wardrobes would complete the rooms. There are so many designs and styles to choose from these days there's something for everybody. At the moment I'm really loving the shabby chic style so would probably opt for white although I do like glass ones too! There's also so many ways to organise wardrobes and I already have lots of wicker baskets in mine so would probably buy a few more and have all the clutter stored in them to keep out of the way and easy to find instead of under the bed or on top of the wardrobe as they are now.

I would also love a walk in wardrobe but don't see that ever happening - one can wish eh?

Do you have sliding wardrobes in your home?

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  1. I'd love to have bespoke fitted wardrobes as we have sloping ceilings in all the bedrooms - it would be so neat and every nook and cranny could be put to use. Unfortunately until funds permit, we have had to be clever, stepping each piece of furniture down to fit under the eaves!

  2. Oh my! What I wouldn't give for that much SPACE, that much STORAGE and that much LIGHT in my bedroom! We have a lovely new build, it's pretty big but ours is the smallest room. It had the en suite so we picked it. Bit of a mistake...

  3. We are looking at wardrobes for Maxi's room as it would be perfect for fitted wardrobes. I just wish we have the budget!

  4. I wish we had bedrooms big enough for sliding wardrobes. Our bedrooms are really difficult shapes with fireplaces, radiators and windows all in the wrong places! x

  5. Oh I wish we had sliding doors on our wardrobes - just makes everything seem so neat and tidy (well once the doors are shut!)

  6. would love a fitted bedroom and the sliding doors are a great idea especially if you have limited space to open doors.

  7. I would love these is our bedroom, they allow you to store so much more stuff out of the way x

  8. Great post!! I think built in wardrobes are better than normal ones.
    L x

  9. We looked at sliding door wardrobes for our bedroom as the shape is perfect for them and I prefer them to opening doors. These pictures look fantastic. I would most definitely go for them if only we had the money.
    Love Vicky

  10. Our room is always the last to be done and the messiest! I'd love to give it a proper makeover!

  11. No I dream of sliding wardrobes!!! I have a crappy Argos thing thats falling apart :(

  12. Our bedroom is lovely- all sleek white wardrobes

  13. We have fitted wardrobes in some of our rooms but not with sliding doors, I would love to have the doors replaced with mirrored sliding doors!

  14. I have only ever had grotty built in cupboards, when we moved our stuff was in cases for a while, then we got a mexican pine wardrobe, the novelty still hasn't worn off!

  15. Great ideas. We have sliding doors on our wardrobe ( ikea) and it's great gave us so much space

  16. We have fitted wardrobes in our room although they don't have sliding doors. They're a bit old but as they still do the job we'll leave them for a while until other, more important jobs have been done. When we're ready to replace them, I'll get the husband to build new ones. He made a lovely built in wardrobe for his mum with big mirrored sliding doors :)

  17. Our wardrobe currently has no doors because off the space issue but we would love to add sliding doors so we could hide all our stuff away. My side is pretty tidy but husbands is awful and makes my eyeballs itch!

  18. We're currently redecorating at the moment hoping to get some sliding wardrobes ourselves. :)

  19. I really want sliding wardrobes in our bedroom but its such a funny shape I think it will be a challenge

  20. I love the second sliding door option! How wonderful. I am lucky as i have a little cupboard walk in closet thing where i hang all my dresses :) x

  21. love that second bedroom, it looks so relaxing doesn't it! x

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