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If you are a regular reader of my blog you may know that we moved Amelia into her toddler bed shortly after Christmas when she was 20 months old. I do have a wooden bed guard for the bed but as I would have to sit and stroke her belly or arm to get her to sleep it was hard to do this with the guard in the way which meant I would usually take it off and this resulted in making a noise and usually waking her when I would clip it back into place once she was asleep. 

Back in January we were very kindly sent The Original Bed Bumper Twin Pack to try out from Purple Daisies, I was rather excited to try these out as there is no fiddling required and as they are made out of foam they don't make any noise! We have Amelia's bed up against one wall as I felt it was safer that way to begin with but now I have the bumpers I can use both of them if I decide to move her room around.

The Bed Bumper is an innovative, simple and cosy bed guard which helps your little one make the transition from cot to big bed easily and safely. No matter the size or type of bed, or whether you co-sleep you will be in the knowledge that your baby or toddler is safe and they can't fall out. The bumper is aimed at babies and children up to 5 years of age and is the simplest, safest and most affordable bed guard on the market. 

  • 2 x 100cm Of Firm Foam Wedge
  • Great Value For Money 
  • Total Safety For Both Sides Of the Bed 
  • Easy To Fit – No Assembly 
  • Discreet, Cosy and Secure 
  • Lightweight So Perfect For Travel

We were sent a set of two bumpers which I placed one on Amelia's bed and the other is a spare for our bed as she still co-sleeps with us for half of the night this is great if she happens to wake up before I go to bed I can slot the bumper onto our bed and know she is safe while I'm downstairs. Also when Amelia is older and may need to sleep over at Nana and Grandad's at any point the bed bumper will come in handy for the bigger beds there and I'll know she won't fall out. 

To install the bumper you simply place it on top of the mattress under the sheet it's as easy as that! They are made of 100% new polyurethane foam and have a non slip texture which is great to prevent it falling off of bed in the night. Another bonus is that they stop dummies and teddies falling off the bed making noise which is great for laminate or wooden flooring. 

I really wish I had known about these bumpers when Amelia was a newborn as we co-slept from birth until she was 18 months fully and she still comes into our bed now around midnight until the morning. She now sleeps in the middle of the bed but when she was younger I did alternate from side to side and used a pillow to ensure she didn't fall out when she was much smaller, however would have loved one of these to have been able to switch sides and stop my back from aching as she grew. 

I would highly recommend The Bed Bumper especially if you are looking for a bed guard which can be used for regular home use, overnight stays and holidays as the portability of the bumper makes it the perfect go to travel accessory for parents. You can purchase The Bed Bumper as a twin pack here for just £19.99 or other options from just £9.99 for a single bumper.

What do you think of the bed bumpers? Is it something that you would use?

* We were sent a twin pack of bumpers from Purple Daises for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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  1. With both the boys we never bothered because of the same problems you experienced. Great product and o think we will try it out soon when olivia makes the transition !


  2. That bedding is lovely. I like the patchwork!!!
    L x

  3. I just wanted to drop by and say that your daughter's room (and Amelia herself!) is gorgeous. I have a little one at 15 months, and she is still in her cot as I'm terrified of her rolling away. Maybe I should give the bumpers a try!

    I discovered your blog this evening through HIBS100. I'm fairly new to the blogging scene, so am just building my networks. I write a frugal living blog, and I'd love it if you popped over to say hello. :-)


    Gayle x

  4. Gorgeous review as always Kerry. These bumpers look lovely - much nicer than the traditional bed guards, and really good value too! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. What a genius idea! So simple but so clever. I've never used bed guards before but would definitely look at trying these for Amy when the time comes.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  6. So happy I stumbled across your blog today! Amelia's bedroom is lovely, I'm expecting with my first little girl and its given me lots of ideas. Have a fabulous day, Sarah x

  7. Hi i'm glad I came across this post today as im planning on moving my daughter from her toddler bed (which shes never fallen out of) into a normal single bed which is much higher. So might give these a try!
    If you get a minute please check out my blog www.isabellesminicloset.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Your post is very interesting. Your ideas is great, and I think about them all day. It make my life better. Thanks!


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