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This week has been pretty busy for a change, we went away for a few days which was nice to spend time together as a family as we both work different hours we only get to spend Thursdays together as a family. The weather hasn't been that great here in North Wales compared to the burst of sun we had last week which is a shame as I was hoping it would have been nice. Amelia decided to have a lie in on Tuesday morning, she is usually the one waking us up every morning but the day we actually needed her to get up as we both had to go to work she decided she wanted to sleep. 

Earlier in the week I cooked an old favourite of mine - Smoked Salmon and Philadelphia pasta! I used to make this a lot when I first moved out about 4 years ago as it was so quick and easy to make. I will have the recipe on the blog soon so keep an eye out for that!

She has so many teeth now, I stopped counting many months ago! She has had her vampire teeth for about 3-4 months now its so funny as she has a big gap at the front which seems to have gotten bigger somehow! Her two year molars are also through so I'm not sure if she has any more to come I haven't counted maybe she will have a few gaps. 

This week a we had a lovely little footstool delivered, its tiny!! Perfect size for Amelia ha ha! She is loving it, and uses it as her seat or to climb up to get something. 

I've been trying to make Amelia's meals more interesting and fun for her to eat. She's very fussy so any improvement will be good! 

We went on a mid-week break which you can read all about here. Despite the weather Amelia had a whirl of a time splashing and jumping in all of the puddles. It was nice to get away for a few days and we can't wait to go away again I have lots of things planned for the spring and summer! 

Wet and windy on Thursday meant we were stuck in the house in the morning. We watched movies in front of the fire which just was nice to relax. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will know my love for fast food, in particular Chinese take aways!!!  I am obsessed! I actually hadn't had one for maybe two weeks which is a long time for me, so I finally took the plunge and ordered one on Friday night, my god I was stuffed! I always order way too much and fill my plate to the top, I still manage to eat it all. I tend to order something different each time but my favourite dishes are chicken or beef in black bean, chicken chow mein or king prawn vermicelli and sweet and sour chicken. Just typing this up has got my mouth watering... think I may order another tonight! What's your favourite dish to order from the Chinese?

Again in my attempt to get Amelia to eat better I have been making little lunches for her. She usually only eats snack type foods at lunch. I have bought a ton more dishes and little bits to make her lunches more fun, I had bought a few cases a while back but as she was being really fussy I gave up but now I've decided to stick with it to get her to eat food other than cucumber, crisps, chicken nuggets and potato waffles!

Enjoying her lunch I made for her on Sunday. Of course she didn't eat it all, not even half of it but at least she tried some of it. 

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