Gifts For Toddlers

I recently shared what we are planning on buying Amelia for her 2nd birthday next month which has come around so fast! I think we are finally done unless I find anything else to add to the list! Anyways, the fun continues with a toddler gift guide today as I thought I would share some gift ideas which I think would be perfect for a little person in your life! The majority of these are quiet girly as they are gifts we have bought Amelia in the past but I have tried to include a few gender neutral items too! 

Here are some gift ideas for toddler birthdays, enjoy!

1. Wooden Kitchen - Great for developing your toddler's role play skills and letting their imagination run wild. They can have hours of endless fun cooking up a feast. Amelia had hers for Christmas last year and loves it! It has such a long life as can be used up to the age of around 7! 

2. Ikea Table & Chairs - A table and chair set is great for toddlers who enjoy crafts and drawing. Great for teaching them to sit at the table too and can also be used for meal times.

3. Wooden Dolls House - A gorgeous dolls house is every little girls dream. It will create many great memories over the years as well as develop key interaction skills and imagination. 

4. Rosey Posey Quilt - A duvet set is perfect for a toddler's birthday. Many parents introduce a pillow and duvet when their child turns one or goes into a toddler bed. There are so many lovely designs out there including this gorgeous Rosey Posey girly quilt cover from Lollipop Lane.

5. ELC Junior Trampoline - Kids love to jump and bounce. If you haven't the space of a large outdoor trampoline why not settle for a small trampoline like this which can be used indoors and also outdoors when the weather is warmer. Perfect for allowing them to let of some steam and have a great time!

6. Rocking Horse - A staple first birthday gift in many homes, a rocking horse is the perfect gift for any little girl or boy. 

7. Chad Valley Wendy House - A Wendy house or playhouse is perfect for passing some time out in the garden when the weather is nice. It's a great way for them to use their imagination and also for having friends round too. 

8. Hunters First Wellies - What kid doesn't love to jump up and down in puddles! There's nothing cuter than seeing them wearing cute wellies too!

9. Chad Valley Tunnel - Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, it's surprising how toddlers can have so much fun with a tunnel! It's also a great way to keep them busy in the summer when you want to sit down in the garden.

10. Lamb Plush Rocker - A lovely first or second birthday gift for a special little boy or girl. This is perfect for the nursery and can be a sentimental gift which will last for years. 

11. Wigwam Tent - A lovely gift for all toddlers! There are so many beautiful designs to suit every home and they are perfect for indoors and outdoors. Imagine tea parties in the garden in the summer!

12. Chad Valley Junior Slide - All kids love slides at the park don't they? If you have enough room for one then why not buy them one. 

13. Wooden Food Mixer Set - How cute is this little food mixer! I wish mine was this colour! This would be perfect for the little princess in your life, especially if they like to watch or help mummy bake!

14. Wooden Easel - Toddler love to draw, especially all over the wall and everything you don't want them to draw on. This wooden easel is a great way to get them to draw in one place and many of them come with a whiteboard an chalkboard for different activities. Amelia loves scribbling on hers and also eating the chalk! 

15. Fairies Dinnerware Set from Viners - This fairy dinner set is perfect for a little princess. Suitable from 1 year of age and also available in other sets for little prince's too!

16. Animal Backpack - A cute backpack would make a lovely gift for any child. Perfect for day trips out or for days at nursery. 

And now it's your turn, do you have any gift suggestions for toddlers that I should add to this list?

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  1. Aww lovely choices! I wish my two girls were little again so I could buy all the toddler toys! x

  2. They are great choices. So girly and cute. I can't wait to have a girl :) x

  3. Some great choices ! I love all the role play items for the kids they love them so much !

  4. I think 5 and 7 will be a must have for Holly :)
    Great post
    L x

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