Dummies Guide to Interior Design

Nothing says more about you as a person than the home you keep. But for many of us, interior design is an alien world glimpsed at in catalogues and magazines. So to help dispel the myth of good interior design, here are a few tips for the absolute beginner.


Use of colour in the home is key to a successful design. Choose a shade that works well with the amount of light you get in the room; brighter rooms tend to be able to manage richer colours, whilst light pastel shades can brighten up room with limited natural light. Importantly, you'll want to pick a colour that matches the function of the room. The bedroom, for example is a place of repose, so choose a traditionally relaxing colour like pale blue or green. 


The way you choose to illuminate a room can dramatically affect the atmosphere you wish to create. Brilliant white LEDs work well in kitchens, bathrooms and offices - places where you need to see what you're doing. A softer, more traditional yellow light is better suited for living rooms and bedrooms where you want to relax. Use other lighting solutions like lamps, fairy lights and candles to provide accents here and there to add some variety


Clean lines in a kitchen not only look sleek but are a lot easier to clean. Integrated appliances can keep your surfaces free of clutter and cover those little nooks that love to collect dust and grime. Islands are also excellent if you have the space. Try to keep a 'golden triangle' between the fridge, the cooker and the sink to make your kitchen as efficient as possible. Ceiling or wall mounted pot racks are the ideal space-saving method for keeping pots and pans in easy reach. 


A stylish bathroom should be designed with cleanliness and functionality as top priorities. Brilliant white is a classic colour because it looks clean and is easy to maintain. Add colour accents if white is too bland for your taste. Choose your fittings to match the style you're trying to achieve. Built in mixer showers are a must for any modern looking bathroom. You can buy mixer showers from Mira in a whole range of styles to fit the design you're after. 

Living rooms 

It's the small details in a living room that can really give it a personal touch. Try to leave one wall free for ornaments or paintings, and consider painting it a different colour so it really stands out. Rugs are a great way to protect flooring while also giving a unique style to your living room. As a rule, focus your living room design on receiving guests rather than having all seating aimed at the television. 

All in all, a successful interior design is one that reflects your personality whilst remaining functional and accommodating. Just be sure to plan ahead and get everything done as quickly as possible; prevaricate for too long and your great new look will have fallen out of fashion!

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