Quitting Smoking – For Yourself and Baby

A couple of months ago, the Huffington Post ran a slide show highlighting 10 reasons to give up smoking; reasons that have nothing directly to do with your lung health. If nothing else, the slide show served as a reminder that the smoking habit brings with it many unintended consequences that most people don't think about when they have that first cigarette. One of those consequences is the harm it can cause during pregnancy.

Quitting smoking for the sake of the baby in the womb was the number eight reason on the Huffington Post's top 10 list. They cited data from a 2007 NBC news report suggesting smoking during pregnancy increases the chances of miscarriage. What's more, women who smoke are more likely to be infertile as compared to their non-smoking peers. 

All that said, it is well known that the smoking habit is very difficult to kick without help. Nevertheless, that's why there are replacement products you can use in combination with counselling and support. One of the latest products to get the attention of both the medical community and the news media is the electronic cigarette. 

A study conducted in New Zealand last year showed very positive results for the e-cigarette as a replacement product for smoking cessation. The study looked at more than 650 smokers who were motivated to quit for one reason or another. Surprisingly, the electronic cigarette performed as well as other nicotine replacement therapies in general, and more than a full percentage point better than the nicotine patch. 

Quit for All of Your Kids 

As long as we are on the smoking issue as it relates to pregnancy, let's stop and talk about your other children too. Any kids living in a house with a cigarette smoker are being subjected to second hand smoke that has been linked to a number of potential physical problems. Eliminating that smoke from their environment will lead to better physical and mental health while also reducing the likelihood your kids will begin smoking when they become adults. 

Perhaps you've tried to quit in the past and failed in doing so. We understand. As we mentioned earlier, quitting smoking is a very difficult thing to do. However, there is another option. If you cannot quit, you can at least reduce the harm you are exposing yourself and your kids to buy replacing tobacco cigarettes with the electronic alternative. Doing so is what is known as a 'harm reduction' strategy. 

Last November, a sizable group of medical and tobacco experts assembled at the 2013 E-Cigarette Summit sponsored by the London Royal Society. Among the topics discussed at the summit was the question of whether or not e-cigarettes are viable for harm reduction. Participants concluded they are. The fact is that more and more experts are reaching the conclusion that e-cigarettes are magnitudes safer than tobacco cigarettes and, when used in place of tobacco, could potentially save lives. 

How They Work 

The secret to the success of the electronic cigarette is twofold. First is its design, which enables it to simulate the smoking experience without actually producing any smoke. This is accomplished through a small electronic device known as an atomiser. 

Inside the typical e-cigarette, you'll find that atomiser along with a lithium-ion battery and a cartridge of nicotine liquid. When you draw on the device, the flow of air activates the battery and sends electrical current to the atomiser. In turn, the atomiser heats the nicotine liquid and transforms it into a vapour state. You inhale that vapour the same way you would inhale cigarette smoke. And that leads to the second point. 

Electronic cigarettes succeed where other products fail because it addresses the entire smoking habit. Where things like patches and gums only deal with nicotine cravings, the e-cigarette provides the smoker with a simulation that is very comfortable and natural. He holds the e-cig device in his hand, he puts it to his mouth to draw, and he inhales and exhales as normal. The only thing separating vaping from smoking is the substance being inhaled. 

We know how important it is to you, as a mother, to make sure your children are kept safe as possible. That's true whether those children are inside the womb or out. If you are a smoker, one of the best things you can do to ensure the safety of your children is to quit. If you cannot quit, you can at least reduce the harm of your habit by switching to the smokeless electronic cigarette. It is something to think about. 

If you are interested in giving e-cigarettes a try, we suggest you stick with popular brands like Vapestick E-cigarettes or the ones from Intellicig. Leading brands are more likely to provide you with high-quality products you will be satisfied with. And if you can successfully quit or cut down, you'll be doing yourself and your children a big favour.

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  1. This is going to sound horrible and it's not meant to sound judgmental, but I find it harrowing to see a pregnant woman smoking. I know it's her body and her baby but there's just something that doesn't sit easy with me. :(

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