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Our Story For My Daughter

Today I wanted to share a lovely keepsake with you all, back when I was pregnant with Amelia I bought the Our Story For My Daughter Book to fill in. I started writing in it and then forgot about it and it has been sat on my shelf ever since. I have since filled in the birth and labour pages along with everything up until Amelia's 1st birthday. The book actually goes up until your child's 18th birthday and then you can gift it as a beautiful hand-written story which is a record of years together which are treasured forever and I can't wait to give it to Amelia on her 18th birthday. 

Our Story will inspire you to capture the unique story of you and your daughter. Allow an enjoyable hour or two once a year to complete your journal – a great opportunity to reflect on your remarkable relationship. Our Story helps you to record your amazing family experiences and unrepeatable moments – the growth development and personality of your daughter, your time together and your emotional journey – your hopes and dreams, the ups and downs and, above all, the incredible mother-daughter bond. 

Our Story is beautifully designed and illustrated created around a baby bird that grows each year until it is ready to fly the next. Its a really pretty book. There are spaces for photos and memorabilia, and you can document your child's growth, personality, precious family moments and the wonderful emotional journey. This isn't a baby record book, if you're after one of them then buy one, this is much more than that and is a beautiful keepsake. 

There is also a Our Story For My Son book in a blue theme and a Bump To Baby book which you can purchase either of them here

Have you bought any of the Our Story range? 

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  1. I love that you are working on this to give to Amelia when she's all grown up. I have scrapbooks that I'm working on for each of my kids and a few books started for my grandbabies as well. I also have my baby book that my mom made and love to look thru to see how I grew! Enjoy the time you take to fill in your story.

  2. I bought this recently! I haven't started to fill it in yet but I will soon. I think it's a lovely idea and I would have loved to have received something like this from my mum xx

  3. aw so cute! I bought one for Sienna but haven't filled it in either! whoops! x

  4. I haven't bought one of these, but I began making my own version of one before baby was born :) xx


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