A Day In The Life: 21 Months

It's been a while since I've done one of these so I thought i'd show you what a average day is like in our house. Here is what our days looked like when Amelia was 12 months old, not much different really apart from nap time! I love reading about other peoples routines and what they get up to so if you are one of those people too I hope you enjoy reading this. 

8.00 | Amelia wakes us up and we enjoy cuddles in bed whilst daddy gets ready for work.

8.30 | We come downstairs and watch disney junior whilst mummy catches up on some emails.

9.00 | We have breakfast. Today Amelia had toast and strawberries and mummy had a rice crispy bar. I'm not really a breakfast person but I am getting better. 

10.00 | We are dressed and ready for the day although we're not going anywhere I always like to get dressed.

10.30 | I find Amelia on my laptop, she loves typing away on it and usually deleting what I've written already! 

11am | We do some drawing and play in the living room. I catch up on some blogging and social media. My laptop is very temperamental at the moment as the charger is broken so I have to hold it in to charge it for a bit then type away and charge it again. 

12pm | We have some lunch. Today Amelia had cucumber, wotsits, bagel, potato wedges and chicken dippers. I had duck pancakes and of course a can of dr pepper!

12.30 | As Amelia doesn't nap anymore we have to find more things for her to do. I usually let her play in her bedroom for half an hour or so, just so I can tidy upstairs otherwise it never gets done.

1pm | She usually runs through to our bedroom after being in hers and climbs up on the bed so we read together for a while.

1.30 | We are back downstairs and watching Tinker bell. This is Amelia's favourite program right now although you wouldn't think so by this picture. 

3pm | I organise some paperwork as I bought some new box files to put them in. 

6pm | We have dinner and I do the dishes while Amelia watches some more TV. I then run her a bath around 6.45pm and we have a quick bath. 

7pm | I get Amelia dressed and ready for bed, we usually watch Hollyoaks together then she shows signs that she's ready for bed, sometimes she even falls asleep on me and I carry her up. If not I take her up about 7.45pm and lie her down on her bed and stroke her belly. Usually she's asleep within 10 minutes if she's very tired and I tip toe out of the room.

8pm | I now catch up on the soaps and blog until around 12am when Andy gets home from work. He then has his dinner and I will usually blog until 1am or until Amelia wakes up which is usually around this time.

12/1am | Amelia usually wakes up and I take her into our bed and she will go back to sleep after I nurse her. I tend to watch youtube video until she goes back to sleep and then go to sleep around 1.30/2am.

So there you have it not very interesting but this is our usual day at home when Andy is working. With the awful weather recently we haven't been out the house at all. I am looking forward to the summer so we can get to the beach and go for some long walks in the forest. 

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  1. Lovely post. I adore your house it is beautiful. xx

  2. Simple days are sometimes the best xx

  3. Great post one, glad I'm not the only one to do a photo time line of the day in the life of. I really enjoyed doing this one I said it in my post but think I will do it every month so the kids have something to look back on.

    Daddy Space – Parenting blog

  4. I love looking at a day in the life posts. I must make one soon too. x


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