How can I make my bathroom suitable for all guests?

When having a guest at the home, the number one priority is to ensure that they are happy and comfortable in their new environment. Hosting a guest should not be a difficult process and making your house a home for them is a positive outcome of having someone to stay. 

One of the main issues that can arise from hosting can normally be a secret concern. With personal hygiene a closely-guarded issue for most, having problems with a host’s bathroom and the accessibility, comfort and confidence they have is not one that is generally discussed. 

For any friends or visitors who are elderly or have restricted movement, these problems can arise even more frequently. Thankfully, there are ways that this can be avoided and, in the process, make the bathroom suitable for all guests.

Improve the ease of movement 

Ensuring that movement within the bathroom for anyone who may struggle is easy is an important part of making the bathroom suitable for all guests. Generally, someone who struggles with movement will also lack confidence when visiting a person’s house for the first time. 

By eliminating this problem within the bathroom it will recreate a welcome relief. With inexpensive grab bars and handles strategically placed around the bathroom this problem can be eliminated as the ease of movement and reaching up become a far easier process. As well as this installing non-slip mats or replacing the flooring with more effective material will increase the confidence in movement. 

Easier bathing 

If having a regular guest that stays overnight with movement problems then permanent options may have to be considered. Installing baths or showers that have a stand up facility or creating a wash room will enable easier access and create a more enjoyable bathing experience for the guest. 

There are many options to choose from that provide suitability for your needs, Premier Bathrooms provide an array of choice. 


Accessibility to the bathroom may have to be considered if the home is two floors and only an upstairs bathroom. Having this restriction may stop a guest from coming altogether a big commitment would be to install a stair lift and ensure access for everyone. 

Variety of towels and soaps 

For some the problems with someone else’s bathroom may not be movement related but instead associated with allergies and skin delicacy. Perfumed soap or certain type of washing powder used for cleaning the towels could create a reaction of the skin that is uncomfortable for the guest. 

Many may be too embarrassed to mention this but by providing hypoallergenic options you can stop this problem in its tracks. Use a sensitive washing powder and think about investing in unscented/natural hand soaps to make the bathroom a welcoming place for all. 

With just a few adjustments, the bathroom can be a place for all to enjoy. While some options may seem a little drastic there is a requirement for some to make these changes for the benefit of guests.

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  1. Renovating your bathroom with updated interior designing can provide a pleasant environment.By availing all the facilities in the bathrooms can make your guests walk in showers with limited mobility.

  2. The bathroom can be suitable for the elders by furnishing it with golden fixtures, subway tiles, wooden floors and an amazing black claw foot tub, all co-existing harmoniously in an understated glamorous high ceiling room. All these can add up to change the overall look of the bathroom. With these facilities the elders can easily walk in showers without any difficulty.


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