Back To Normality

This past week we have been getting the house back in order and getting back into a routine after Christmas. We took our Christmas tree down on Wednesday and I finally moved all of Amelia's Christmas presents upstairs apart from her toys which I have put in a corner under the stairs. I think she likes it! I'm just waiting for a few more things to arrive to finish it off and will post up a few photos next week. 

This week I also bought Amelia a booster seat for meal times. She has been in her trusty Mothercare highchair since around 5 months old but she has never really liked it if I'm at all honest. For the past couple of months she's been wingeing to get out of it after about ten minutes and gets extremely fussy. So one day I didn't put her in it and she climbed up onto our kitchen chair and sat down. Of course she was far too small and couldn't even see over the table so I decided to search for a booster seat that would last her and of course which was girly. 

I came across the Mamas and Papas Baby Bud Booster seat and instantly fell in love. I wish I had come across it when she was much younger as she would have been in this a lot! As soon as it arrived she plonked herself in it so I attached the table and gave her a snack and she quiet happily sat in it for 45 minutes with no fuss!! The seat is great because it takes up less space in the kitchen and we can take it to her grandparents house. 

Sitting very well behaved in her new seat. 

The other day I decided to move Amelia's room around, I get bored easily of room layout and forever moving the main bedroom and living room around. Lets just say Andy gets rather annoyed at me ha ha! So the one room in the house he doesn't get a say in is Amelia's room! As you can tell by the colour scheme. I'm not too sure of it if I'm honest and will probably move it back again next week as I quiet like the bed where it was before. It was mainly the wardrobe which I didn't like in the place it was before, so I need to decide where I want to put it. I needed to make room for her reading corner which you cant see in this photo but it will be on the left hand side of the room where the cot currently is. 

Amelia's finally getting better at sitting still for longer than 30 seconds!! For the longest time she always has so much energy and just won't sit still. She's not the type of toddler to come and snuggle up with you on the sofa and watch a film. She'll come and sit on your lap then 30 seconds later she's off again. She's always running around the coffee table and jumping up on the sofa. I did however manage to catch her sitting her for a couple of minutes on her beanbag.

Madam being moody!

She's really enjoying drawing on her easel. She's not used it too much because I've hidden the markers and chalk incase she draws on the walls so I only give them to her when its "Colouring time". 

I am still waiting for my new bedside cabinets to arrive, the courier service have delayed the delivery another week so they won't be arrive until next week!!! I also bought some new bedding, which I love!!

Finally getting some sort of organisation going on for her never ending collection of toys! We also have a wicker basket which we've had for a couple of years which we keep all of her smaller toys. 

This is what our mornings look like everyday. Amelia wakes Daddy up everyday usually by climbing on his head, whacking him across his head or hitting his back haha!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend despite the weather!

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  1. poor daddy...lol......I love her wardrobe set

  2. Aww it all looks lovely. Fancy coming and re-arranging my house, you've done such a good job. Can't believe how big Amelia is getting, she's adorable. Happy to new year to you xxx

    1. Shes growing way to fast :( Happy new year to you too. Haha! I've been asked that a lot recently. Maybe I should make a profession out of it lol xx

  3. You have such a lovely house and great taste! xx


  4. We are also back to normality here. I love Amelia's room. So pretty and girly.


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