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The Toddler Years: Where Is It Most Important To Clean In The Home

As many of you will agree, it can sometimes feel like quite a challenge to keep the house clean when you have a baby or toddler. Yet it is an important job, as the hygiene levels of your home can affect the health of you and your child. Let’s face it, young kids absolutely love putting anything and everything into their mouths, so it is your job to ensure that this isn’t going to cause them to become ill.

Therefore it becomes necessary to clean on a regular basis, although it can be helpful if granny or grandpa can take your little one out for a few hours whilst you’re doing it. Alternatively you might want to employ a cleaner for a few hours a week who can handle your requests to make the home “child friendly”. Here are just a few pointers about the most important places to clean if you have a toddler.

General tips

There are a number of products you can use to clean your home, so you will likely pick something according to the amount of dirt build up and whether anybody in the home is, or has been ill. However, disinfecting can be more thorough for tough jobs - especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen

The main risk in the kitchen comes from food-borne illnesses, so surfaces should always be kept clean and free of nasty bacteria. One paediatrician says, “You want to have your counters clean enough that you can put food on them.” This means that you should always clean or disinfect straight after preparing raw meat or fish. One area that you might neglect is the kitchen floor, but remember that your toddler will be crawling around and getting up to know good. If you don’t clean the floor regularly, there could be drips of raw meat that are making it an unsafe place for a young child.

Top kitchen cleaning tips:

● Use “clean” cloths and sponges to do your wiping as you will be spreading more germs otherwise.

● Always wipe down your child’s highchair after use, and disinfect when necessary.

The bathroom

When it comes time for picking your cleaning bathroom products, you will want to keep in mind that the bathroom is one of the most germ-filled spots in the house. Therefore you will want to choose something that will minimise the risk of illness and infections. As you and your toddler will be using the bath for fun, splashes and getting clean, you will want to make sure that it is safe for use. That’s why it is important to disinfect the counter, sink, toilet, floor, and the bath on a regular basis.

Top bathroom cleaning tips:

● If someone has had a tummy bug, make sure to be extra vigilant with your cleaning efforts; some viruses are harder to kill.

● Bath toys will only need a wipe down, unless another child has stayed over and has used them too; in this event you might want to disinfect them.

Are you a clean freak or the more laid back parent?

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  1. Relevant topic. As parents want to keep their children safe and happy. Yet toddlers are at the stage of exploring, without the knowledge of what is safe or harmful. Parents are busy, general cleanliness, and as you say a bit more attention when / where items etc are shared. Special care, use of disinfectant where there is the risk from someone who has been ill (e.g. the dreaded vomiting and / or diarrhoea).
    Food hygiene and possibly infection control are maybe important relevant topics for parenting / carer classes, courses etc. As more care is provided at home (within the community), due to shorter hospital stays etc.

    Rachel Craig

  2. My mum used to say "a bit of dirt never hurt anyone", and we played accordingly. If we got ourselves dirty we were washed. If the house was untidy, so be it - it got tidied/cleaned later. I have never had a day's illness in my life so maybe there is some truth to the saying.

  3. bit of dirt never harmed nobody

  4. I'm quite laid back most of the time but about once a week I go into hyperdrive cleaning mode.

  5. I give the home a good clean once a week and tidy as I go throughout the rest, but I am fussy on the worktops and the cleaning spray is never in the cupboard.

  6. I think I'm a bit of both, depending on what mood I'm in. :)


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