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* Morning Toddler Activities

Amelia loves colouring in and drawing with her crayons, its one of her favourite activities to do. Every morning we get up, have breakfast watch some cartoons and then get dressed and do some drawings before lunch time. It's sort of become as a routine now if you like. She loves it and its amazing to see the excitement in her face when I reach for the paper and crayons off the shelf.

It got me thinking to go out and purchase some art supplies which are suitable for children. I love getting crafty and creative and have done numerous DIY's for Amelia's nursery and around the house this past year. However, it would be great if Amelia and I could sit down and do some crafts together. I know over the years as she grows we will be able to do this I just thought it would be nice to start now while she is still a toddler. Therefore I have been looking on the internet for toddler craft ideas and have found quite a few I think would be perfect!

I have put together a list of activities to complete which include salt painting, homemade play dough, handprint drawings, wooden block prints, DIY hanging chalk board, bubble wrap painting, bubble painting, and I have been pinning like crazy on Pinterest too! There's so many activities to do which will hopefully keep Amelia entertained for a couple of hours a day. She's now at the age where toys simply won't keep her attention for longer than 5 minutes and she want's to run around like a crazy toddler! At least with some activities and crafts she will sit down. That reminds me I need to buy a little table and chair set too! 

What crafty activities have you done with your toddler? 

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  1. So sweet :) I think crafts and activities like this are the perfect way to bond and spend meaningful time with our little ones. I'm VERY passionate about setting aside purposeful time like this! You can check out some of the toddler activities on my blog that Alea and I have done together, if you're interested! Maybe it'll add a couple more to that list of yours :)

  2. That is so cute! I have to keep chucking crayons and pencils in this house, once elliw sees them she eats them before i see her so they are ruined! I keep telling mia to stop putting them all over the place and she doesnt listen :( But i let her have a draw now and then! Think i should do it more often now actually!

  3. We love homemade playdough and some sticking too and I am planning on making some little stampers soon so we can use those.

  4. I need to do more drawing with Mads, it is one of the things I am not so good at. She doesn't have a very strong attention span for it so I end up getting them all out only for her to give up after 5 minutes. I have ended up not doing it as much as I should. And don't get me started on the mess of painting!
    Our dining table has carpet underneath and I just hate the mess! x

  5. we love to do painting my toddler likes to so it most days either that or magic corn

  6. This is something I will be looking forward to with my little one. He's still at the stage of putting them in his mouth lol x

  7. My daughter loves crafts we always go to range buy big bits of card then just paint, stick random bits on she loves it!

  8. Hand painting fun but very messy!

  9. Aww she's adorable!!
    We love arts & crafts....In fact we're painting this afternoon x

  10. Can't beat the old crayons and paper. x

  11. We draw and paint and make things

  12. That's so cute. I really love your blog :)
    Gemma x

  13. I'm not really into crafty things. Very impressed amelia hasn't got crayon all over your walls, that's the result of letting toddlers loose with crayons in my experience!


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